Cryptopsy // As Gomorrah Burns // Album Review


If you need any introductions to Cyptopsy then it’s quite clear that you have never ventured into the world of Brutal Death and Tech Metal however if that is the case, please don’t be put off and allow yourself to experience a new world.

Cryptopsy released their debut demo under the Cryptopsy name in 1993 before 1996 saw the release of None So Vile, this being the last album with Lord Worm but also the one that saw the band gain massive traction.

This traction saw the band adopt some experimental aspects, including jazz and fusion and whilst the band Montreal continued to make their own rules, the band continued to amass an impressive following as they took the world of Brutal music by storm.

So now is the first album on Nuclear Blast Records and also the first full-length in 11 years and it’s fair to say that there is some excitement around what it holds.

Boring shit first, it’s 8 tracks spanning 33 minutes. Now that’s done, holy fuck – get your gumshield in – this slaps really fucking hard.

From the opening guitars, the unusual structure and then these drums that just reverberate around your rib cage, there is no doubt that the band are back and wants everyone to take notice. Combining the brutal with the unconventional, Crytposy is bending your mind as it shakes inside your skull and gets a concussion.

Still, with founding member Flo Mounier on those drums, it is clear to see why he is one of the biggest names on the scene – that blast beats as everything else breaks down is something that is as impressive as it is destructive.

The Tech feeling is engrained in all tracks, whether it be the structure, the sound or anything else, you never really know which way they are going to head next and can’t help but want to find out, like watching a car accident happen. You can’t help it because you know it’s going to be gruesome.

From start to finish As Gomorrah Burns is starting to finish the best Brutal Album I have heard this year and is one that I happily listened to over and over again, hearing different timings or tones each time, but what was a constant was those drums that keep coming to take your head off.

If you dodge the drums, just watch out for those guitar strings that attack from all angles and then a vocal that will grate your eyeballs!

Seriously, listen to this, Whether you are a Brutal fan or not yet – you soon will be!!

As Gomorrah Burns will be released Friday 9th August 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Ed Ford




  1. Lascivious Undivine 3:50
  2. In Abeyance 2:55
  3. Godless Deceiver 3:40
  4. Ill Ender 4:19
  5. Flayed The Swine 4:25
  6. The Righteous Lost 4:16
  7. Obeisant 3:52
  8. Praise The Filth 5:50