Crobot // Feel This // Album Review


Crobot is back with a massive bang on the 3rd of June as they release their eagerly awaited fourth album “Feel This”, and let me tell you it does not disappoint, picking up right where they left off after 2019s “Motherbrain”. Twelve tracks seem like a long laborious album but it is the furthest thing from it; each track is so different and engaging from the last that when it’s over you’ll be crying out for more. Opener “Electrified” is exactly that; a real live wire that will get the blood pumping, a true rock ‘n’ roller that has a really crisp and clear sound, drums to stomp your feet to, and guitars that will have you screaming with them in tandem and Yeagley’s vocals are rock personified, an electrifying, pun intended, start to the album.

“Dizzy” comes in with crunching riffs and a thumping drum beat that has a nice funky heavy rhythm to it that just burrows into your brain, a Tom Morello style guitar and a fat bassline put the icing on the cake, a killer tune. For me “Set You Free” is possibly the best track on the album, the sheer power and passion bleed through the speakers, opening with soft guitars and vocals it explodes into life with crashing drums and cutting riffs that will blow you away, Yeagley gives a masterclass in vocals with this performance as he puts everything and more into it, this is just amazing. “Better Times” opens fast with ripping guitars and harmonica before Yeagley comes in to give it a real smooth cool feel, a seriously upbeat rhythm will get you up and moving, a real foot stomper. “Golden” is a slower track than most but is heavy as hell thanks to the driving drum and bass beat, coupled with sharp riffs and a  couple of tasty solos, this is a brilliant track with a nice Soundgarden vibe. “Without Wings” is my other contender for track of the album, maybe it’s nostalgia or just me but I love the whole Thin Lizzy style guitars mixed with the Maiden galloping pace and thunderous drums, the whole old school feel and rawness makes it the quintessential rock track, a fucking monster. “Livin’ On The Streets” is an unashamed balls-out rocker that has anthemic tendencies with the whole gang getting in on the act with group vocals at the chorus and just a raucous all-around feel with more than a hint of AC/DC. “Into The Fire” is a bass lead banger, the funk coming off this slaps the taste right out of your mouth and is so infectious that you will wake up humming this tune for days, massive drums and killer guitars push the song that extra mile. “Dance With The Dead” has an irresistible groove to it, its bound to get you moving one way or another, killer vocals are backed up with smooth riffs and a buzzing bassline all propped up by a pounding drum beat, it is an excellent track. “Holy Ghost” buzzes into life with fast-paced distorted guitars and a hammering drum beat, Yeagley’s muffled vocals add an extra punch to the distorted sound, throwing in a curveball acoustic ditty towards the end before it all comes crashing down again is a nice touch.

“Never Break Me” takes groovy funkiness to a new level, a big bass-driven track that is such an earworm it’s unnatural, mad riffs, muted drums, a killer solo and Yeagley’s strained vocals added to the mix just blow your mind. “Staring Straight Into The Sun”  closes out the album in awesome fashion, a slow languid track that features Yeagley’s silky smooth voice crooning away, that is until just over the midway point when the guitars and drums take over and whack out some serious tuneage will killer licks and a pounding beat before it all falls back to the slow but heavy rhythm as the song plays to a close with Yeagley coming back to the fore. 

Crobot release possibly the best album of the year, “Feel This” on the 3rd of June, do not miss this!


Review: Conor





Feel This Tracklist:

1. Electrified
2. Dizzy
3. Set You Free
4. Better Times
5. Golden
6. Without Wings
7. Livin’ on the Streets
8. Into the Fire
9. Dance with the Dead
10. Holy Ghost
11. Never Break Me
12. Staring Straight Into the Sun




Crobot are:

Brandon Yaegley Vocals/Harmonica

Chris Bishop Guitars/Backing vocals

Dan Ryan Drums

Tim Peugh Bass