Any Given Sin // War Within // Album Review


The 4th of August sees Any Given Sin release their debut album “War Within”, a mix of hard rock, and heavy metal with a dash of nu/alternative that will blow your mind.

These four guys have crafted eleven killer tracks that set it off from the get-go and no more so that opener and title track “War Within”, from the booming bass and drum beat to the chugging riffs this rocks the foundations, singer Victor Ritchie has a great set of pipes on him and sounds a little like Disturbed’s David Draiman at times, there is a heavy groove to this one and a chorus that is catchy as hell. A heavy rhythmic beat opens “Calm Before The Storm”, once again Stevenson’s bass is front and centre vying with Ritchie for the top spot on this track, a slower tempo midsection sets up Showalter’s drums and Conner’s guitars to trade off nicely as the heaviness returns to close out the track. Ritchie’s vocals over a synth, nearly pop, intro to “Another Life” gives way to gritty riffs and a drum beat to build up the intensity that leads to a chorus that is seriously catchy, another monster track.

“Cold Bones” sees the band change things up with a heartfelt power ballad style track, a piano with Ritchie’s vocals, the band play with a degree of restraint until the second verse when they come in heavy before dropping back as the track finishes. “Follow You” has a very Alter Bridge feel to it; built off a monster drum beat, chugging riffs and bouncing bass line, Ritchie’s vocals are amazing once again, one of the best tracks on the album. “Insidious” is riff-laden beast, a slower tempo song that deliberately accentuates the heaviness through a steady drum beat and rumbling bass, Conner’s guitar work is excellent and plays off well against the synth that runs throughout. “Ball And Chain” is a big-time rocker, heavy as fuck with a thick bass line that has a nice groove and creates a brilliant foil to the guitar and synth riffs, one of the best songs on the album. “The Way I Say Goodbye” is another ballad-style number; after a crashing opening it becomes a stripped-back tune with Ritchie coming to the fore for the verses which lead to a crescendo around the chorus’, Ritchie showcases the serious power he has on this one, a great track. “House On Fire” turns up the intensity once more, a bit of a frantic feel to this with the cutting riffs from Conner and thumping drum beat from Showalter, Ritchie’s vocals seeming a bit strained which adds an extra edge, a really strong track, one of my favourites on here. A soft guitar and Ritchie’s croning opens up “Dynamite” building up to the intensity before it all explodes, pardon the pun, into life around the chorus with a grinding riff, thumping drums and a piano to add some melody to Ritchie’s powerful vocals, a cracking song. The album closes with “Still Sinking” giving the album a really strong finish built of a heavy bass beat with a hefty dose of synth, Conner’s guitar work is amazing while Showalter’s drumming crushes.

Any Given Sin deliver big time on their debut album, an incredible album that deserves serious attention!


Review: Conor


1. War Within
2. Calm Before the Storm
3. Another Life
4. Cold Bones
5. Follow You
6. Insidious
7. Ball and Chain
8. The Way I Say Goodbye
9. House on Fire
10. Dynamite
11. Still Sinking

Any Given Sin are:

Vic Ritchie Vocals

Mike Conner Guitar

Rich Stevenson Bass

Mike Showalter Drums