The Finnish colossus that is Corpsessed are back with a mammoth album “Succumb To Rot”.

Formed in 2007 & harnessing a dark style of death metal, Corpsessed have become one of the leading finnish style death metal bands.

After releasing their first album “Abysmal Thresholds” &  with tons of notable tours across the globe the band saw themselves quickly become one of the leading bands within the underground.

Four years later with “Impetus of Death” the band were able to hone in on their sound & create one of 2018’s best death metal records!

Now in 2022 they unleash “Succumb To Rot” & Their 3rd album released by the legendary Dark Descent records.

Eight tracks & thirty six minutes of pure filthy death metal.

The title track “Succumb To Rot” an instrumental intro is the perfect opening to this album.

One of the most filthiest riffs I’ve heard of the year so far drives the track while deafening drums maul you to death as the next track “Relentless Entropy” kicks things into high gear.

Double bass drives the song while frenetic guitar riffing tags along in an abominable fashion before the song slows it down a notch to introduce a rhythmical tempo. Insync with the ride cymbal the riff picks up the track again. Making it quickly memorable.

“Spiritual Malevolence” the fourth track opens with an array of cosmic sounds before a hypnotic single guitar track begins the theme of the track, building up to the release of the band’s full force.

Another great mid pace song that is like a sledgehammer to the ears. A thick, swampy but at the same time clear & precise guitar tone all through this album. Superb production on this album & the bands best todate.

The latter half of the album still keeps its intensity.

“Sublime Indignation” shows they are able to write a whole album of solid memorable tracks.

Boarding on the Swedish death metal side this track is full of chainsaw guitars & Slayer “South Of Heaven” lead riffing.

The bass tracking here is highlight, Simple but T.K keeps the back bone to the low end in check & tight as hell!

The epic closing track “Pneuma Akathartos” might be the longest on the album but it’s what the whole album is built up to. The most diverse on the album it was a great surprise to end it with this track.

Adding in some more doomy & black metal elements N.M’s vocal performance sounds more painful & methodic. From high long screams to guttural bellows it’s here.

The last two minutes of the track builds to a climax of tribal & ungodly rhythmic destruction that fades into oblivion & quietly thudding into the never-realm.

“Succumb to Rot” is Corpsessed most brutal & savage album to date. A slew of tracks that stand indivaly & also comprise a mammoth of complete work. For all those looking for the next chapter in the finnish death metal history book, look no further.

Joseph Mitchell

Succumb To Rot is out via Dark Descent Records 22nd April 2022


1.Succumb To Rot

2.Relentless Entropy

3.Death-Stench Effluvium

4.Spiritual Malevolence

5.Calling Void

6.Sublime Indignation

7.Profane Phlegm

8.Pneuma Akathartos

Line Up:

J-P.M. – Drums

J.L. – Guitars

M.M. – Vocals (backing), Guitars

N.M. – Vocals

T.K. – Bass

Succumb to Rot was produced, recorded, and mixed by M.M. At Furnace 5034 from October 2020 to January 2021. The album was mastered by D. Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio. Analog synths on Succumb to Rot were performed by L.Lindqvist.