Chad Tepper Shares Emotionally Charged Anthem “Moonlit”

Chad Tepper

Shares Emotionally Charged Anthem


Behind the grungy gravel of his vocals and all the tattoos, Chad Tepper conveys a sweetness and authenticity that make him a one-of-a-kind rocker.” – MTV News

Tepper is an entertainer, a charmer and a flag-bearer for the pop-punk revival.” – Buzzbands LA


LA-based Chad Tepper comes to terms with leaving a toxic relationship in new single “Moonlit” out today. Led by a melodic riff of distorted guitars, his signature drawl drips with honest sentiment as the alt-rocker croons soul-bearing lyrics of a love gone wrong.

Adding to his arsenal of dream collaborations that include Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) and Ajay Popoff (Lit) among others, “Moonlit” was co-written by K Thrash of Escape The Fate. “I’ve loved his work for so long so to make this with him was a really special moment for me,” Chad enthuses. “It all came together so fast; he literally called me one night and when we got in the studio we finished it in 2 hours. It was wild.”



Acknowledging the emotional toll of grappling with the right decision, Tepper acknowledges, “You know that if you don’t walk away you may not survive the relationship, but you leave with the hope that in the next life you’ll find each other in better timing or circumstances and your souls can be happy then.”

Since hitting the studio for the first time four years ago, the charismatic singer is proving to be our generation’s next authentic rock star. The effortless grunge quality of his voice, combined with an all or nothing mindset and flair for storytelling, finds him equipped with the tools he needs for a fruitful career. Recent song, “I Wanna Be Your High” secured a Top 40 spot on the US Alternative Radio charts, boosting his reach to 30 Million catalog streams to date and 4 Million followers across socials. His talents have been recognized by industry majors such as Apple 1SpotifyLyrical LemonadeKROQ and MTV News among others.

Chad Tepper by Jonathan Weiner

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