Caskets // Reflections // Album Review


The time has come for that ‘difficult second album’ by Caskets and when the debut is as successful as Lost Souls was with over 100 million streams to date, there is a lot to live up to.

Having been blessed to have opportunities arise on the back of that debut, including tours across the United States and mainline Europe as well as the chance to grace stages at both Download and Slam Dunk festivals.

But now is that time when a band decides to follow that route to success of continuing their personal growth and Caskets have taken the latter option. Pulling together as a band and bouncing ideas off each other the overall feeling is very positive – something not often thought of when you write rock/metal reviews.

The album itself is 10 tracks that span 42 minutes of upbeat and rock with an occasional harsher tone that pops into the background and adds a bit of grit. This is by no means suggesting that without that edge, the tracks lose anything – but it does show that the band are comfortable in the growth that they have undertaken.

‘Too Late’ is a track that you know will be a fan favourite and sung along to at many gigs. It is catchy and punchy and does include a slightly harsher end, but the lyrics are certainly ones that many will relate.

As the album continues to bounce from song to song you get drawn in more and you can’t help but enjoy this and move along with it graduating to singing along when you know the words. It won’t take long to get to that point as you will be carried on the positivity of the album.

The subject matter does get quite dark at times and tackles some challenging subjects, including the album closer ‘Better Way Out’ which discusses saving a loved one from suicide. A subject that is, unfortunately, becoming more and more prevalent but is one that is important to not shy away from.

The ability to combine such topics with heartfelt lyrics and music but not feel down is something to behold and in many ways is the track of the album for me. Whilst it is more sombre than the others – it leaves you thinking and allows that mental breathing space rather than bouncing straight into something that would wash that away.

Whilst Reflections would not be my typical go-to album, it is one that I enjoyed and I respect the band massively for doing what they feel right. The fact that what they feel is right will help and resonate with so many is also something that should be applauded and I have no doubt that this ‘difficult second album’ will be equally or more successful than the debut and we can look forward to the third.

Reflections will be released Friday, August 11th 2023 via Sharptone Records.

Ed Ford




  1. Believe
  2. More Than Misery
  3. In The Silence
  4. Too Late
  5. By the Sound
  6. Six Feet Down
  7. Silhouttes
  8. Guiding Light
  9. Hate Me
  10. Better Way Out