Cannibal Corpse // Chaos Horrific // Album Review


The undisputed kings of death metal Cannibal Corpse are celebrating a bloody & brutal 35 year career.

Hot off the release of 2021’s “Violence Unimagined” which sparked a new chapter in the band’s legacy post-pandemic, the writing for the group’s newest slab of brutality “Chaos Horrific” started soon after.

Now with their 15th album, the group are here to teach you a true lesson in brutal death metal!

“Overlords of Violence” opens the album in the perfect Cannibal Corpse way. Alex Webster’s legendary bass tone punches you right in the gut as the band builds the track before the chaos begins.

The signature “Skull Full Of Maggots” chugging style is here & ripping.

A fast climbing riff follows quickly & sends your brain haywire. Shredding leads from Erik Rutan & Rob Barrett add that sprinkling of brain matter on the track to make it just an ounce more brutal.

Right from the bat we can hear this is Cannibal Corpse performing at top speed & with a full tank of gas! And they are ready to plough right through you!

Next track “Frenzied Feeding” showcases that the band’s technical ability is still strong. Unlike other bands, CC don’t get lost in their own sauce as it will. Creating interesting complex riffs that still have a heavy groove & earworm style. It helps that the guitar tones of the band along with Rutan’s engineering skills have made one of the most gore soaked but clear precise recordings in the band’s recent discography.

The next CC anthem comes in “Blood Blind”. This track is a true George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher vehicle. Yet again it proves just why the “neck” has the best vocal performance in the game. His pronunciation again is perfect on this track & the whole album. The vocal hooks the band had written for this track I’m sure was a no-brainer when choosing it as a first single.

A real juggernaut of bloodthirstiness with its opening riff section that draws you in nicely. Before a brief pause & then the killing begins. Like “Scourge Of Iron” & its live reaction this track will be a huge track in the band’s setlist.

“Vengeful Invasion” feels much like a partner piece to “Inhumane Harvest” from the album in lyric theme. All about the violent revenge of victims of human trafficking they feel like a great pair. Sonically the track has a great climbing riff that sounds like Barrett’s fingers must have broken into pieces playing the notes that fast!

Then sprinkled between those sections is a nice half-time slow chugging section which carries out the track & gives you a few moments to breathe. A primal track with a few nice little technical flashes.

As we reach the second half of the album the title track “Chaos Horrific” is a great addition to the band’s arsenal. Feeling like a perfect blend of brutal death metal & even some hardcore style riffing really makes this track feel very fresh. It might just take the mantle of best title track in the band’s whole discography.

The track really showcases just how Paul Mazurkiewicz got his title of most consistent drummer within death metal. Even with a career hitting 35 years there is no stopping him. Non stop blasting (which i know for sure isn’t edited or cheated), some of the tastiest rolls & fills he’s written to date all feature on this track.

Album closer “Drain You Empty” is truly a deep cut that is worth listening to. It could have easily been a single leading up to the album’s release. Starting the track off with an epic feel, with large echoing eerie lead sections soaring over deep, thick drone-like rhythm riffs as the track slowly climbs out of the pit and then grabs you with both bands.

One last chance for George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher to show you just how great of a vocal performance he can give on this one. A solid great CC track that closes with one of the band’s best mosh pit breakdowns. A hell of a neckbreaker is the track’s closing moments.

“Chaos Horrific” is another skull for the already monolithic altar for Cannibal Corpse. A band this far into their career still making solid & even some of their best albums this far into their catalogue is truly a sight to behold. Boys you’ve done it again!

Joseph Mitchell

Chaos Horrific is out via Metal Blade Records on 22nd September 2023

   Overlords of Violence 3:08
   Frenzied Feeding 3:33
   Summoned for Sacrifice 4:05
   Blood Blind 4:34
   Vengeful Invasion 4:44
   Chaos Horrific 3:33
   Fracture and Refracture 3:37
   Pitchfork Impalement 3:17
   Pestilential Rictus 4:13
   Drain You Empty 4:36


Chaos Horrific will be available on digipak CD, deluxe box set (Dried Blood Marbled vinyl, 24p 12″ booklet, puzzle, pin, poster and art print – limited to 1500 copies), cassette (limited to 500 copies), digitally, and on vinyl in the following variants:
– 180g Black (EU exclusive)
– Burned Flesh Marble (EU exclusive)
– Slate Blue Marble (PIAS exclusive – limited to 600 copies)
– Charcoal Brown Marble (Sound Pollution exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
– Pearl Violet Marble (EU exclusive – ltd. 500 copies)
– Bloodsun Marble (EU exclusive – ltd. 500 copies)
– Clear Red & Yellow Splatter (EMP exclusive – ltd. to 300 copies) **SOLD OUT**
– Clear & White/Blue Splatter (EU exclusive – ltd. to 300 copies)
– Turquoise & White Splatter (Napalm exclusive – ltd. 300 copies)
– Clear Orange & Red Splatter (Nuclear Blast exclusive – ltd. 300 copies)
– Clear Blackdust (Eyesore exclusive – ltd. 300 copies)
– Red Blackdust (Metal Blade Shop exclusive – ltd. 300 copies) **SOLD OUT**
– Fog Marbled (US exclusive)
– “Charred Remains” (US exclusive)
– Orange/Red Inkspots (US exclusive)
– Black & Brown Marble (US Band store exclusive) **SOLD OUT**
– Silver w/ Red Streaks (US Band store exclusive)
– Electric Smoke (US tour exclusive)Find preorders at the CANNIBAL CORPSE store at: and Metal Blade at:



Chaos Horrific track listing:
1. Overlords Of Violence
2. Frenzied Feeding
3. Summoned For Sacrifice
4. Blood Blind
5. Vengeful Invasion
6. Chaos Horrific
7. Fracture And Refracture
8. Pitchfork Impalement
9. Pestilential Rictus
10. Drain You Empty


Coinciding with the release of Chaos Horrific, CANNIBAL CORPSE will embark on a month-long North American co-headlining tour with Mayhem. The journey begins September 22nd in Nashville, Tennessee and runs through October 21st in Louisville, Kentucky. Support will be provided by special guests, Gorguts and Blood Incantation! Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 23rd at 10:00 am Mountain Time. See all confirmed dates below.

CANNIBAL CORPSE w/ Mayhem, Gorguts, Blood Incantation:
9/22/2023 Marathon Music Hall – Nashville, TN
9/23/2023 The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
9/24/2023 The Mill & Mine – Knoxville, TN
9/26/2023 Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
9/27/2023 Rebel – Toronto, ON
9/28/2023 L’Olympia – Montreal, QC
9/29/2023 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
9/30/2023 Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
10/02/2023 The Royal Oak – Detroit, MI
10/03/2023 Hard Rock Live – Gary, IN
10/04/2023 The Fillmore – Minneapolis, MN
10/06/2023 Mission Ballroom – Denver, CO
10/07/2023 The Complex Salt – Lake City, UT
10/09/2023 Temple Theatre – Tacoma, WA
10/10/2023 Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
10/11/2023 Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
10/13/2023 The Warfield – San Francisco, CA
10/14/2023 SOMA – San Diego, CA
10/17/2023 The Aztec Theatre – San Antonio, TX
10/18/2023 The Factory – Dallas, TX
10/20v The Eastern – Atlanta, GA
10/21/2023 Paristown Hall – Louisville, KY

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – vocals
Erik Rutan – guitar
Rob Barrett – guitar
Alex Webster – bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums