Bury Tomorrow // The Seventh Sun // Album Review


Bury Tomorrow are one of those bands that tend to be linked with the phrase “The next big thing coming from the UK” so at what point do this band take that step from becoming the prospect to become the main event?

As you may have guessed, The Seventh Sun is the seventh studio album by the band and comes after a major junction in their story. Following the release of the 2020 album Cannibal the band has faced up to the reality of a life without Bury Tomorrow. When you look down the barrel of the gun, you get a moment of clarity and on this occasion, they have decided that a line-up change was needed prior to going for it.

From the off, this is the best of their albums and now I will explain why!

The version of Bury Tomorrow is the unleashed, raw and unpolished version and I mean that in the best way possible. Without the perfect production and allowing themselves to this focus on music and not necessarily radio play or any other possible outlet for the song they have discovered a more ruthless side.

Starting off from the rumble of the drums and low-down bass to the aggressive vocal that joins straight after, this new edge is something that makes the band everything that they have been looking for anymore.

The fact that this is not just a nonstop example of being slapped in the face shows that the band are becoming who they were destined to be. By taking a slower and more vulnerable approach on ‘Majesty’ this really is a true version of the band. That level of comfort only comes from a band who are happy where they are and heading in the direction that they want.

The album is full of bangers as well, ‘Boltcutter’ being the perfect example – combining the aggression and the cleanness that have become a staple of the Bury Tomorrow sound but mixing it in with that more natural finish and leaving the rough edges in place make it authentic.

Bury Tomorrow have turned a massive corner and is no longer the next big thing, they are the now and future. Having taken the handbrake off and just focussing on themselves, The Seventh Son is that album and even though it may have taken roughly 15 years to get to this point, it is here and just enjoy it. It’s a belter.

The Seventh Sun will be released Friday 31st March 2023 via Music for Nations.

Ed Ford





1) The Seventh Sun
2) Abandon Us
3) Begin Again
4) Forced Divide
5) Boltcutter
6) Wrath
7) Majesty
8) Heretic
9) Recovery?
10) Care
11) The Carcass King