Aviana // Corporation // Album Review


Aviana has changed since their last album release into something that is almost unrecognisable.

Since the 2019 release of Epicenter, all band members left the band, except for one. Now the sole remaining member Joel Holmqvist has enlisted several people to help.

Using the emotions and frustrations around the band members and after the pandemic, Holmqvist is trying to emerge from the darkness by creating some metalcore bangers that his admission is a collection of singles rather than an album itself.

Taking the opportunity to explore emotions and experiences, Holmqvist lets it all out there for the world to see and there are many tracks that people will be able to relate to.

The 11 tracks span around 35 minutes, which opens with a brief electronic style before the crashing of guitars and smattering of blast beats lead us into the first all-out song.

Get used to the electronic style that backs up the crushing guitars and surgical drums that erupt and make you take cover for fear of taking your head off.

The vocal is an aggressive blend with some clean singing but mainly the gravelly, emotional output that anyone would use having gone through as much shit as Holmqvist.

Not all tracks are full rage mode, there are some more melodic offerings, such as ‘Transcendent’ but still, carry that electronic backing that you are now used to and whilst melodic still carries an edge.

The way that the tracks erupt as you progress through the album is truly something special and the fact that Holmqvist has found a way to express his emotions is something as impressive as it is inspirational to hear someone being so open.

The 35 minutes fly by with the blistering pace and shuddering relentless pressure that is created by those heavyweight guitars and the drums that never just keep the beat. You can just feel that all the instruments are waiting for a time to attack and when they do, they are utterly destructive.

I can only imagine that after so much uncertainty, it takes a bit of time to get everything in order, let alone in some structure to unleash it all musically. Holmqvist has done more than just create that foundation, he has unleashed an album that will help not only him but anyone else going through some things.

From start to finish this is a solid album and will be in many people’s libraries as it goes from banger to banger.

Ed Ford

 Corporation will be released Friday 30th September 2022 via Arising Empire.



  1. Curriculum
    02. Obsession
    03. Rage
    04. Paradox (feat. Marcus Vik)
    05. Oblivion
    06. Retaliation
    07. Anomaly
    08. Transcendent
    09. Illuminate
    10. Overcome
    11. Negligence