Autopsy // Morbidity Triumphant // Album Review


With a career spanning three decades the most grotesque band in US death metal, Autopsy has returned with “Morbidity Triumphant”.

The bands 2014 album “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” was seen as one of their best since the band’s early genre-defining “Severed Survival” & “Mental Funeral” the next album has some big dirty gross shoes to fill!

The album’s opener “Stab The Brain” is just that. A huge jolt to the back of the head as the track hit like a wrecking ball.

A barrage of fast picking & chugging riffs, blast beat drums & a huge sonic boom of a bass tone. Within the first few bars, you know this is Autopsy. The perfect deranged sound they have been pummeling our ears with since 1989!

The next track “Final Frost” sets it up! Opening with some of the best doom riffing the band have written on the last few albums. Slow, bludgeoning & violent the first half of the track is heavy as hell. Then quickly the track rings out & the band suddenly puts the pedal to the floor!

Breakneck speeds, Chris Reifert’s vocals go into a more wretched atmosphere! Sounding like he’s being slowly killed & choked to death. Chris Reifert’s vocal & drum performance are always something to look forward to on an Autopsy album & here he’s 100% there & on full steam.

Now when it comes to groove & pure riffage “The Voracious One” has it all. One of the most doomy tracks on the album, this one is a nice switch of pace from the last track. But where it brings the speed down it still does let up! A blazing guitar solo on this track brings in even more into Black Sabbath & Saint Vitus influenced territory. Fantastically swampy in nature!

“Knife Slice, Axe Chop” one of the singles off the album shows you why the band chose so. One of the best & most ferocious tracks on the album.

Only just under three minutes in length but damn they cram in some tasty riffage & one of the heaviest bass hook lines in the bridge i’ve heard in 2022. Autopsy are able to switch up tempos so easily & still keep a track surprising & this is one of the best on the album!

The brief “Maggots In The Mirror” is also a highlight of the album. A quick sharp shock to the system.

Grinding riffs, nonstop drums & gang vocals what more could you want! A late album surprise for sure.

Album closer “Your Eyes Will Turn To Dust” leaves you in the dust! Another slow but thunderous track. Showing the brilliant interplay with guitarists Eric Cutler & Danny Coralles.

Fantastic riff writers & song creators. Autopsy knows their strength & this album plays to those. There is tons of variation on this album. Whether you’re a death doom fan or into grinding primal death metal “Morbidity Triumphant” shows yet again why Autopsy are the kings of the genre. 8 albums in & still this punishing! Now that is a feat!

“Morbidity Triumphant” might not be reinventing the genre, but it doesnt need to be. Autopsy yet again have created a whole album full of filthy death metal that will continue to show why their discography is untouchable.

Joseph Mitchell

Morbidity Triumphant Is Out Via Peaceville Records On 30th September 2022

Morbidity Triumphant tracklisting:

1. Stab The Brain [03:15]

2. Final Frost [04:09]

3. The Voracious One [04:27]

4. Born In Blood [03:48]

5. Flesh Strewn Temple [04:01]

6. Tapestry Of Scars [04:57]

7. Knife Slice, Axe Chop [02:49]

8. Skin By Skin [04:09]

9. Maggots In The Mirror [01:43]

10. Slaughterer Of Souls [04:27]

11. Your Eyes Will Turn To Dust [03:41]

Morbidity Triumphant will be released on 30th September through Peaceville Records on the following formats – CD / black vinyl LP / ltd edition violet coloured LP – exclusive to the Peaceville label stores / other colours available in various territories / cassette / digital.


Autopsy Live:

August 7th  – USA – Oakland, CA. – Underworld Theatre Festival – more info:
September 3rd – UK – London, UK Deathfest – Camden – various venues – more info:
October 29th – USA – Chicago, IL – Reggies – more info: (official Autopsy Merch page)