Austrian Death Machine // Quad Brutal // Album Review


After a nearly ten-year hiatus, Tim Lambesis’ side project Austrian Death Machine is back, and how; ten tracks of pure adrenaline-fueled bangers that will leave you begging for more.

Parody band or not one thing for sure is the music is serious; it’s heavy with breakneck speed and savage rhythms and it all kicks off with “No Pain No Gain”; a blistering opener that hits as hard as Arnie himself, crushing riffs and a thumping bass line run riot with machine gun drumming just to compound the power, vocally Lambesis is on top form and with Craig Golias, vocals, and Angel Vivaldi, guitar, lending their talents it just tops it all off. The intensity of “Conquer” is unreal; a thunderous drum beat and cutting riffs crank it up with the savagery of the vocals this is next level, even with all the brutality there are some great melodies, courtesy of Clayton King, that fit in perfectly even though they shouldn’t really.

“Hey Bro Can You Spot Me”, you gotta love the track titles, has a great groove intertwined with the heavy thrash style, and the hook on this one is the change-up in vocals from screamed to clean giving a metalcore feel at the chorus, a great track. “Judgement Day” is heavy as fuck with more machine gun style drumming while Lambesis screams and growls his way through the track, a thumping bass running underneath it all lends to the heaviness as Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur tears it up on the guitar, a killer tune. A cacophony of chaos is the best way to describe “Everybody Pities The Weak” as it crosses between a straight-up thrasher and a metalcore track with a kicking rhythm and some excellent vocals, screamed, grunted and everything in between, not for the faint-hearted. “Don’t Be Lazy” is a banger of a track, a little more melodic and technical than the others, the guitar work is outstanding and the play-off between clean and screamed vocals is amazing, this is possibly the best track on the album.

“Get Down” is relentless with a blistering drum beat and massive bass line that smashes you in the face full force, as hard and heavy as the track the is a groove to it that is unreal and gets the head banging and toe-tapping, another excellent track. Fast as fuck and heavy as hell “Destroy The Machines” is one that will get the blood pumping, it picks up from where “Get Down” left off but without the groove and the bonus of Dany Lambesis laying down some scorching vocals alongside her other half, this is one kick-ass track. The hellacious “MeatGrinder” slays big time, a riff monster that will leave you on the floor gasping for breath that has some serious shredding for your listening pleasure, a short sharp shock to the system.

The closing track “I Never Quit” does exactly what the title suggests it does not quit, it’s a relentless-paced track that hits you with a barrage of sound, and the back end of the track takes heavy to a new level replacing the pace with sheer power, a cracker to end it on.

“Quad Brutal” is out on the 23rd of February, fingers are crossed it’s not another ten years before Lambesis decides to come back.

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Quad Brutal track listing:
1. No Pain No Gain (feat. Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi)
2. Conquer (feat. HELLBØRN, Clayton King)
3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me? (feat. Craig Golias, Alarcon)
4. Judgment Day (feat. Ov Sulfur)
5. Everybody Pities The Weak (feat. HELLBØRN)
6. Don’t Be Lazy (feat. Craig Golias)
7. Get Down (feat. Craig Golias)
8. Destroy The Machines (feat. Dany Lambesis)
9. MeatGrinder (feat. HELLBØRN)
10. I Never Quit (feat. Kill ROB Bailey, Craig Golias, Bleeding Through)Quad Brutal will be available in the following formats:
-CD Digisleeve
-1LP BLUE Gatefold Vinyl
-1LP TRANSPARENT MARBLED VIOLET Gatefold Vinyl + Art Print and Slipmat (Napalm mail order only, limited to 300)
-Digital Album
[1LP TRANSPARENT MARBLED VIOLET Gatefold Vinyl + Art Print and Slipmat (Napalm mail order only, limited to 300)]

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE launched 15 years ago as a one man band, triumphing as the metal scene’s newest obsession with their 2008 debut album, Total Brutal. After releasing two more acclaimed albums in 2009 and 2014, the one man band did the impossible – they broke up. After a decade of regrowth and rebirth, and with the help of good friends by his side, Lambesis finally felt inspired to work on new music for the project, now emerging as Quad Brutal – chock full of the band’s most heavy, breakneck riffage, non-stop pummeling rhythms and Ahhnold-approved ferocity yet. AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE is prepared to climb back to the top of their weight class – packing more punch than Mr. Universe himself with Quad Brutal!



Austrian Death Machine is

Tim Lambesis Vocals, guitar, bass and drums


Brandon Short Drums

Mark McDonald Guitar

Cory Walker Guitar

Craig Golias Vocals

Ricky Hoover Vocals

Dany Lambesis Vocals

Rob Bailey Vocals

Angel Vivaldi Lead guitar

Dylan Burcombe Lead guitar

Clayton King Lead guitar

Joey Alarcon Lead guitar