Atena // Subway Anthem // Album Review


Norwegian Metalcore band Atena already have four albums to their name and the previous release Drowning regret & Lungs Filled With Water gained some high praise. Now must be the time for the band to push hard to get more international attention as well as pressing on with taking over the domestic scene.

Blending Metalcore with samples, electronics and plenty of other unique sounds, the band are pushing boundaries as much as their profile and now we have the fifth offering that is intended to do just that. Pushing everything forward as hard as possible.

This album is 10 tracks long and spans 37 minutes of high-octane, heaviness with blends of many different genres that make for a diverse and very enjoyable album.

Opening with a blend of hip-hop beat, then down-tuned guitars and an electronic feel, you get the general blend within the first 5 seconds of ‘Ultra Ultimate Opus Power.’ This combination of styles if one that you need to get used to as it will continue and if you’re too blinkered or too much of a gatekeeper – save your scoffing and go back to your narrow-minded ways.

The way that Atena combine all these different sounds and styles is quite like no other and allows for an exciting sound that has something for everyone.

As we reach ‘Slip Away’ you are finding yourself air drumming whilst singing along with the chorus and also screaming your way between it all.

When the heavy hits, it lands with precision and raw energy so be on guard – which is easier said than done as the differing sounds keep you on your toes and when you hear something new – that’s when you are at your most vulnerable!

As the album explores addiction and wanting more out of life, you can feel that the four band members had a lot of fun making and finding out how many different sounds and influences that they could fit into this release.

Whilst there are a plethora of different genres that have been thrown in to the blender – the core is exactly that – Metalcore. Yes, is it surrounded by all the theatre however the heaviness remains and is very good.

Be prepared to sing, scream and wonder how the fuck they got that to fit so well all the way throughout this great record.

Subway Anthem will be released Friday 22nd September 2023 via Indie Recordings.

Review: Ed Ford




  1. Ultra Ultimate Opus Power
  2. Hard Day
  3. Bargain
  4. Subway Anthem
  5. Poison Pure
  6. Slip Away
  7. Peeling Skin
  8. Leave
  9. Somebody
  10. Oh My