Andrea Van Cleef // Horse Latitudes // Album Review


Horse Latitudes,” the fourth solo album by Italian singer-songwriter Andrea Van Cleef, landed on vinyl, CD and digital formats on April 5, 2024, via the Italian label Rivertale Productions.

The new record represents a turning point in the career of the musician, divided between heavy-stoner rock with his previous bands Van Cleef Continental and Humulus, and “Americana” driven songwriting, veering toward more southern gothic atmospheres, indebted to Johnny Cash’s “American Recordings,” with in addition a distinctly European, especially British, dark touch.

The thing that hits you immediately through the eyes is the cinematic quality of the album’s opening track ‘A Horse Named Cain’, Andrea’s husky voice perfectly fuses with the moody track and pulls you right in from the off. ‘Arrows’ carries on that theme, the acoustic guitar resonating against the dark melancholy that just keeps you on the edge of your seat. ‘The Longest Song’ has a more uptempo feel, and the vocal harmonies and string instruments bring a very different vibe, an almost hopeful air to the track that is deeply rooted in Country, Folk and Americana.

The album completely transports you to another world, far removed from the tech-filled dystopia of 2024 and allows you to envelope yourself in the sonic landscape that Andrea Van Cleef has created, weaving his Dark Americana tapestries throughout. The additional soft vocal harmonies from Ottavia Brown lift the tracks, providing a lighter ambience to the recording. As the album stretches its legs you get treated to more contemporary sounds from the opening tracks that seem deeply rooted in the Country-Folk vibe, but as we progress’ you have more easy-on-the-ear melodies blowing over you like a warm summer breeze.

They are interspersed with more traditional-sounding tracks but they keep you on your toes, the cinematic quality soundtrack keeps you fully engaged, lost in its intriguing simplicity.

If you are a fan of the likes of Amigo The Devil and The Dead South then Andrea Van Cleef should be right in your eye line, his otherworldy songwriting will give you an opportunity of escapism from the crazy pace of 2024 that we all need. Pour yourself that well-deserved drink, dim the lights and crank it up. Lose yourself in a magical recording and world created by this unique singer-songwriter.

Horse Latitudes by Andrea Van Cleef is available now on vinyl, CD and digital formats via the Italian label Rivertale Productions.



Arrows 03:24
Thing 02:52
Come Home 05:00