Alpha Wolf // Half Living Things // Album Review


Formed just over 10 years ago in Burnie, Tasmania – the Australian band named themselves after the movie The Grey and then released the debut album Mono in 2017. After a change in the lineup, the band released the EP Fault in April 2019 and carried fans through to the second full-length album A Quite Place to Die in September 2020.

A further EP Shh was released in March 2023 and now is the time for the third full-length album to be unleashed on the world – and let me be honest from the start, this album hits hard.

Getting the boring stuff out the way first, the album is 12 tracks and spans around 40 minutes – now for what we all want to know.

From the off, the combination of Modern Metal, with a splash of djent and a dose of Nü-Metal creates the sound that matches the opening track as ‘Bring Back The Noise’ slaps you around the face and knocks you unsteady – so get strapped in.

The heavy and brutal drums drive everything, with smatterings of blast beats thrown in for added punching power – you then get to ‘Sucks To Suck’ and hear the unmistakable sound of Ice T adding the grit and flavour.

I have seen some class Alpha Wolf as Metalcore, which might put some people off. I would suggest that this is far more than Metalcore (not that Metalcore needs anything more as I am a big fan of the genre) but Half Living Things carries so much heavy and so little clean – it feels like this is an all-out assault from start to finish. Some will be grateful that the album will only batter the for 40 minutes – others will be screaming out for me. I am in the latter camp as this album is full of power and anger – it crushes.

Whether you are already a fan of Alpha Wolf or new to the band – there is no denying this album is a belter. Press play and your brain won’t stop shaking until either album ends or you tap out, but no matter which one it is, the after-effects will be felt for a while and then you will want to take trip on that ride again.

Clear some space of breakables, press play and let those limbs loose.

Half Living Things, due out Friday April 5 via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records.


Pre-order it here.

Ed Ford


Bring Back The Noise
“Double-Edge Demise”
Sucks 2 Suck (feat. Ice T)
“Whenever You’re Ready”
“Pretty Boy”
“A Terrible Day For Rain”
“Garden Of Eyes”
“Half Living Things”