Acid Age // Live In Belfast // Album Review


So, I remember many moons ago coming across Acid Age as they played and navigated the local metal scene here in Northern Ireland. A band with a fierce reputation and self-described as “The world’s state-of-the-art War-Jazz trio. For thrashers with a sophisticated listening palette.” And that kinda sums it up! I fear when I first came across them my palette was not yet mature enough to take it all in, and I remember walking away traumatised! Not anymore! Like a fine wine both myself and the band have aged well and can now co-habit this fine earth without living in fear!

For those less familiar with Acid Age, former Bloodstock Open Air M2TM (Metal 2 The Masses) Winners and this year opening the Sophie Lancaster Stage on Thursday, August 8th, the guys have been working on their craft over many years (2013) and many iterations of the band but have not settled as a power-trio of Jude Milk (Guitar & Vocals), Jake Martin (Bass) and Aran Howe (Drums) since 2018. A seriously talented band, pushing the limits every time they record, play live and put themselves out there, this all culminated after several attempts finally getting the recognition they deserved winning M2TM and getting their chance to do their thing at BOA on the highly sought after Newblood Stage. Taking nothing for granted they got their heads down and have been grafting once again with a new recording of “Live In Belfast” being released on the run-up to their Bloodstock 2024 appearance and of course, new music “Perilous Compulsion” arriving in March 2025 courtesy of Distortion Project Records.

Live In Belfast, recorded at a sold-out show at The Limelight back in December 2023, it encapsulates what Acid Age are all about. The album’s opening track ‘The Burning Of Rome’ is a full-on assault on the senses, a blistering thrash anthem, gnarly guitar lead work, and guttural vocals that hit you right between the eyes. The guys keep you on your toes with intriguing time signatures and carefully crafted songwriting that takes you on a sonic rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

‘Revenge For Sale’ takes off where the first track left, a sonic barrage coming at you in full force, a relentless attack on the senses before the vocals kick in, I have always said I would be intrigued to know how these songs get written, structured as the genre and bands style musically I well beyond my little brains comprehension, and whilst I can love what I am hearing, I can’t begin to imagine how it all comes together! This is where you need to close your eyes, lose yourself in the musical magnificence of Acid Age, and admire what they do. This particular track is a taste of what is to come from their new album next year, the futures bright, the futures War-Jazz!

As is ‘Third Eye Locksmith’ both tracks showcase the band’s evolution and strengths as they delve deeper into their War-Jazz roots, the pummelling riffage, basslines, and drum patterns all take your breath away. It’s fast, it’s frantic but it’s the only way these guys know how to play! One thing I forgot to mention is Jude’s approach to playing guitar, it wasn’t until I was up close and personal shooting them at M2TM that I realised he plays with his thumb, no pick, thrashing like a man whose life depends on it slamming that guitar with his thumb! Jesus, he must have skin like leather! All the more impressive when you hear the opening to ‘Every Cliché’ another complete banger and new song, that has this explosive opening run of notes. It’s a crazy thing to behold live, and translates well to the live recording. The cacophony of notes, barrage on the senses is just mesmerising. ‘My Wretched Womb’ is the final track on the album, once again, no rest bite here, it is full-on, full force and as brutal as it gets.  Unforgiving, Acid Age decimates the live stage as always. Killer musicianship, all three guys totally in sync, Jude somehow delivering a vocal performance whilst juggling a million notes per song. It’s just beyond my comprehension how they make it happen.

Check it out for yourself. ‘Live In Belfast’ arrives May 31st.

Be prepared, it’s not for the faint of heart!

ACID AGE will release their first official live album “LIVE IN BELFAST” on the 31st of May 2024 worldwide on all major streaming platforms.

This razor-sharp recording proves how lethal ACID AGE are in a live setting, Live In Belfast was recorded at a truly exceptional, sold-out night at The Limelight, Belfast in December 2023, ran by the bands management @the_distortion_project and it rounded off an exceptional year for the band. The set list for Live In Belfast includes tracks from the bands (as-of yet unreleased) new studio album “PERILOUS COMPULSION” plus select favourites from the album “Semper Pessimus”.

Artwork by @chainsaw.torture


  1. The Burning of Rome
  2. Revenge for Sale
  3. Love You Guys
  4. Third Eye Locksmith
  5. Every Cliché
  6. That is More Like it
  7. My Wretched Womb

To mark this occasion ACID AGE will headline their ONLY Belfast show this year at @deersheadbelfast on the release date (31st May 2024) at what is set to be a ferocious party organised by the magnificent @slapped_promotions and it will include special guests opening the whole affair. Keep an eye on Slapped Promotions socials for details.

Official statement from the band:

“We are so excited to release Live in Belfast because as a band we all absolutely love live albums. This is not some shitty phone recording, this is a proper, whopper release and it’s the best sounding release we have, you’ll get to hear us at our absolute best. We hope you’ll all come party with us at The Deers Head in May”

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