Meshuggah // Immutable // Album Review


Since forming in 1987, the Swedish juggernaut known as Meshuggah have been steamrolling their own path and creating a new sound and ultimately their own genre.

Having unleashed such crushing brilliance as CatchyThirtyThree, Obzan and Koloss, Meshuggah has consistently stayed ahead of the rest with their blend of groove infused, down-tuned 8 string progressive Death Metal has torn the skin from your face.

So, after 6 years we have the band’s ninth album which clocks in at 13 tracks spanning 67 minutes of utter chaos and bone marrow shaking extreme music. Pressing play is you signing a disclaimer for any damage you may receive and just the opening guitars and drums let you know that this machine has returned and is ready to destroy everything within earshot.

The combination of the low riffs alongside the simple yet effective higher guitar is stunning and then the djent riffs join the party and things go to the exact place we love them too with Messugah and we know that the band are in full form, pushing boundaries and testing speakers.

 The bass work stands out as you would expect, with the string’s capabilities being tested but laying the unstable foundations that everything else is built upon with the unpredictable slap around the face that is built on top both instrumentally and vocally. As we have come to expect, the vocals are abrasive and grating like sandpaper to your eyes.

As you progress through the album, you will realise that there are no standout tracks simply because the album is stand out. The technical work is as you would expect and still so far ahead of everyone else, this audible delight is as frightening to newcomers as you would ever dream of. The way that the sharpness fights with the blunt depth is something that is as unique as it is shuddering.

The repetitive nature of the brutal lows tests all structures within sonic range and the way that the band make such complexity sound so simple is a testament to the intelligence of these sound inventors and the fact that they keep pushing their own boundaries keeps them ahead of everyone else in music.

So, how does Immutable compare to the previously mentioned masterpieces? There is no doubt that this is up there with them. The way that Meshuggah continue to smash through traditional genre lines and continue to fine-tune keeps their head and shoulders above everyone and everything else.

Ed Ford


Immutable will be released on Friday April 1st via Atomic Fire.



01. Broken Cog
02. The Abysmal Eye
03. Light The Shortening Fuse
04. Phantoms
05. Ligature Marks
06. God He Sees In Mirrors
07. They Move Below
08. Kaleidoscope
09. Black Cathedral
10. I Am That Thirst
11. The Faultless
12. Armies Of The Preposterous
13. Past Tense

Jens Kidman I Vocals
Mårten Hagström | Guitars
Dick Lövgren | Bass
Fredrik Thordendal | Guitars
Tomas Haake | Drums