Wratheon // Becoming Nil // Album Review


As the days get shorter and the nights draw in earlier, the idea of releasing a Melodic Black Metal album at this time of year has an extra edge.

All songs have been written and performed by David Foster (Wratheon) and he has been joined by session drummer Theodor Borovski with back-up vocals on a number of tracks by Jake Youngberg.

Having just signed to Seek and Strike Records, this is the first release under the label and having initially announced his intentions around the release in 2020, now is the time for this darkness to be unleashed on the world and turn that darkness to despair.

The 10 tracks on this release span approximately 30 minutes and from the off are some of the best darkened minutes you will experience.

You will soon be drawn into a Blackened Thrash, meets Melodic Death with thunderous drums, venomous riffs and a nightmarish vocal that in as good as it gets.

With each track being its own story of horror, the album is in effect a chronicle of questionable ideas that’s narrative is matched by the horrendously good musicality, the kind of which any fan of Metal will be a fan of.

Whether it is the faster pace, the steadier, purposeful and powerful or the more Melodic offerings, you are dragged into the darkness, yet it feels really good. The reason for that is due to the high quality created by Wratheon and then helped out by some others – yet thanks to the brain of Foster it all works in stunning form.

There is no denying that the one-man, indie label approach is a match made in hell for Wratheon and Seek and Strike. With the freedom to create the soundtrack to his feelings – Wratheon has been afforded the space to explore and push boundaries.

As we head toward the frostier time of year here in the UK, the soundtrack to that dark, cold, damp weather is here. As your joints begin to ache and the effect of the lack of daylight takes its toll – get ready for the album that will hook you and take you into this blackened world where what you feel is about to get more uncomfortable, a whole heap darker and much icier.

Becoming Nil is one of the best Blackened Metal albums you will hear this year and is going to leave you yearning for more and reaching for that repeat button.

Becoming Nil will be released Friday, October 20th via Seek and Strike.

Ed Ford




  1. Annihilation
    2. The Horde
    3. Set Your Body Ablaze
    4. We’re All Fallen
    5. Dragged Into The Light
    6. Bathory
    7. In Late October
    8. The Descent
    9: A New Dawn
    10: Becoming Nil



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