Warcrab // The Howling Silence // Album Review


If you like your music low, slow and sludgy then there is no doubt that you will be aware of the UK band known as Warcrab. Utilising thick and heavy slabs of down-tuned fuzzy-edged sludge alongside Death Metal influences, this 5 piece band have been trudging along and now is the time for their latest offering.

This album spans 45 minutes spread across 7 tracks – so with an average track time topping over 6 minutes, you swiftly become aware of the fact that each track is going to take you to some dark and interesting places.

As you press play you are immediately gripped by that static-like bottom end, but the riffs that cut through it are like hot knives through butter as the gravelly vocal provides a Blackened Death aspect but flowing through it all is a muddy groove.

Opening with ‘Orbital Graveyard’ you will be dragged through the murky underbelly of music but it will set you up nicely for what is still to come on the album.

The groove that flows parts the sludge yet it’s always there in just lurking for the groove to lessen and then when the dam breaks, you start to drown under the thick and murky filth but you can’t help but feel totally at ease as you feel it run down your throat and into your lungs.

As the band trudge to and from a more funeral and depressive style, there is a constant feeling that the Death Metal aspect is just lurking in the shadows to take full advantage of the lowered defences – whether that be via the guitar or the vocal, you know that it’s around the corner but never sure when it’s going to lunge at you.

‘Sword Of Mars’ is certainly one of the tracks that firmly crosses over into the Death Metal arena but you still have the feeling of being dragged down by a questionable and viscous sound yet again, you can’t help but feel like you want to be totally immersed in this amazing sound.

The Howling Silence is a triumph from start to finish. Scratching so many of your heavier music itches, there is something here for everyone. If you like low and slow or fast and hard you will find it in here. No matter what you go for – know that it will be soaked in a heavy and thick sludge that sprinkled with fuzz.

The Howling Silence will be released Friday 3rd November 2023 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Ed Ford