Until I Wake // Inside My Head // Album Review


For the last two years, Until I Wake have been working the scene in Buffalo and having released their self-titled EP in 2021, it is time of this four-piece to expand into a full-length album with the view of reaching a wider audience and starting to take on the world wide market.

The big question for the band is whether can they translate the tens of millions of streams into album sales and then get the invites to other states and countries.

The feel of the album overall is one of the anthemic choruses that are also matched with aggressive growls. There are savage guitars that also line up alongside some huge riffs as the drums tend to pummel and make you duck for cover for fear of the beats taking a chunk out of you.

There are some clear Metalcore vibes along with Nu-Metal making the odd appearance as well, along with some almost Pop Punk feels. The variety within these 13 tracks is massive as one minute you will be windmilling and smashing everything in arms reach and the next you will be singing at full volume.

The album flies by and you would be forgiven for forgetting that this album is the debut full length as it oozes with maturity and the feel of a band that has honed their craft and are comfortable with the music that they make.

The levels of aggression on tracks like ‘Blue Beam’ are off the scale and you need to move any breakables to somewhere safe before that one lands, saying that even the tracks aren’t necessarily full-on angry, have something about them that will make you move and lose yourself.

For a new band that is making their first moves into such a ruthless and massive market, you need to have something that makes you stand out. Until I Wake have a number of things, from their versatility to their maturity (and I do not mean that disrespectfully). It is refreshing to find a band that is so comfortable in what they do and appears to be having such fun in creating.

If this is a sign of what is to come from Until I Wake, then the future is fucking huge for this band and you need to get on board now and strap yourself in.

Ed Ford

Inside My Head will be released Friday 9th September 2022 via Fearless Records.



“The Sacrifice”
“hope ur happy”
Inside My Head
“Still Sinking”
“Blue Beam”
“For the Record”
“Marching Forward”