Unmaker // Limb From Limb // Album Review


From the first listen Unmaker’s debut album Limb From Limb has been on a constant loop, not since Pantera’s “Vulgar Display Of Power” has anything caught and held my attention from start to finish like this, the sheer power and intensity is off the charts.

The savage opening track “To War” is packed with blistering drums, crunching riffs and a thumping bass line, not to mention Aaron Gilbert’s vocals, what a set of pipes this lads has. “Drop Dead” is built off a heavy drum and bass beat that has a serious groove to it; when the chugging guitar riffs join the party it elevates the track even more, not to mention the killer solo thrown in at the back end of the track and Gilbert’s incredible vocals. The title track “Limb From Limb” will leave you feeling like you’ve been smashed in the face with a sledgehammer, the thunderous drums combined with a whooper bass line drive the track as Gilbert screams and roars his way through with some crushing riffs and a brilliant solo from Sean to top it all off.

“Control” keeps the heavy going with another hefty assault on the senses, the drums and bass are once again to the fore, just to emphasise the point, while the guitar has a nice melodic riff that stands out in the midst of all the chaos, a real headbanging track. Instrumental “Point Break” is probably one of the finest instrumentals you will hear, it’s mellow and crushing at the same time and allows the band to showcase their undeniable talents, but when the three-minute mark hits that’s when the real fun starts, simply put this is phenomenal. “Rise” is an absolute monster that has all the hallmarks of a Max Cavalera track with a fast pace and high intensity, Gilbert spits out lyrics like a man possessed to match the tempo created by sharp riffs and a kicking rhythm from the bass and drums respectively, another savage solo towards the end of the song puts the icing on the cake, a cracking track. “False Disciple” rips along thanks to a heavy bass line, chugging riffs and a thumping drum beat, Gilbert is at his finest here with some savage vocals, a serious rager. The album closes as brutally as it opened with “Breathe” kind of apt considering the breakneck speed at which the whole album is played at, another balls-out offering that will leave you breathless, monster drums and some blistering guitar work make the track.   

“Limb From Limb” is out on the 12th of May and for my money is one of the best albums released this year, for a debut album it is unbelievably tight


Review: Conor 



‘Limb From Limb‘ track listing:
To War!
Drop Dead
Limb From Limb
Point Break
False Disciple


Unmaker are:

Aaron Gilbert Vocals

Sean Guitar

Spencer Bass

Jake Drums



The cover artwork for the album was created by Very Metal Art.