Thy Art Is Murder // Godlike // Album Review


Aussie goliath’s Thy Art Is Murder have returned with another slice of blackened death metal for the masses.

Since forming in 2006 TAIM quickly became the spearhead for the second wave of deathcore. The release of the band’s second full-length “Hate” in 2012 shot them to stardom and turned the band into the leaders within the deathcore scene.

Since “Hate” the band’s sonic progression has helped them reach a wider audience & now with their sixth studio album the band has finally reached the pinnacle of their evolution. Starting out as a band with a truly great deathcore sound to now fully encompassing the blackened death metal sound their sound has become even more impressive.

“Godlike” the band’s newest offering is some of the heaviest material to date. Working again with long-time producer & mixer Will Putney to create an assault on the ears but also one of the most memorable in the group’s discography.

Opening the album like a pounding hammer, “Destroyer of Dreams” grabs your attention. Building atmosphere with a fierce chugging guitar while anthemic lead guitar overlays the track. A blistering chorus section in true TAIM fashion really brings the groove but still using the melodic elements they use so well. A very strong opening to the album.

Second track “Blood Throne” really puts it foot down. A shear force opening section sets the tone perfectly. Feeling like one the most barbaric tracks within the band’s whole catalogue this one is heavy as hell.

A swinging chorus again grabs your ears & doesnt let go, Frontman CJ McMahon vocal delivery is still stellar as ever, great pronunciation helps these chorus have a pop sensibility while still being ungodly heavy.

The guitar tone & performance on this track is one of the most impressive feats the band have crafted in the group’s recent output. Sean Delander & Andy Marsh have always had this perfect ying & yang when it comes to writing riffs. Within this track they have displayed some of the most primal & violent.

One of the album’s singles “Kere” really showcases the talent within TAIM. A true triumph, this track feels like the next TAIM anthem to add to the huge amount they have already. Still keeping both feet on the heavy side but this track really opens its wings as the chorus hits. Now as stated before the band are fantastic chorus writers but here it’s the catchiest it has ever been.

A thunderous & monolithic breakdown section also lets the band flex their perfectly formed brutal muscle & makes for another one for the must mosh for tracks but they have also been able to write what I feel is the band’s biggest anthem to date that could even make any of the bands older “hits” quake in its boots.

As we creep to the second half & feeling like a throwback to the band’s earlier material “Lesson in Pain” feels like its title. A true showcase of just how much pain & anguish the band can invoke. Using ear piercing effects to create high pitched squeals that give heavy early 00’s true metalcore feels this track is a real presentation of the band’s ability to keep it simple but super effective.

Also the use of lead work on this track helps keep that melodic blackened end the band have greatly created within their DNA now. The thick backbone of the track is the low end which is created by bassist Kevin Butler & drummer Jesse Beahler. Their sonic wall of sound the last few years live has translated well on this album & gives it a really nicely raw sound & doesnt leave you with an overproduced taste in your mouth.

Closing the album “Bermuda” feels like the well deserved time for the band to experiment. Using industrial drum samples & clean guitars to open the track give it a nice change of texture. As CJ begins his vocal reign the track nicely builds intensity. This last track dips its toes nicely in the doom genre, Droney & fuzzed out this track feels like a nice way to end such a brutal album with something just as punishing but its beautiful last moments close the album perfectly.

Thy Art Is Murder’s progression over the past few years has been phenomenal. Cementing themselves in the genre they helped build but also planting a new flag in the death metal genre. It would be fickle to call the band a deathcore act when an album like “Godlike” shows that they are capable of so much. The rich textures they can create with their now perfect leads, as well in writing nonstop choruses that will always turn heads & not to forget still being able to destroy a crowd with every breakdown they cheekily slip into every song.

“Godlike” really feels like the band can hold their own & they know who they are. There are no real big jumps in style on the album but just a great & steady progression from album to album. The band are slowly getting more punishing & heavy as the years progress, but also staying as one of the bands that still slip so greatly through genres & will always impress anyone who loves extreme music.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Godlike is out via Human Warfare on 22th September 2023

Join Thy Art Is Murder when they enter Godlike mode this coming September.
Track List
1. Destroyer of Dreams
2. Blood Throne
3. Join Me In Armageddon
4. Keres
5. Everything Unwanted
6. Lesson in Pain
7. Godlike
8. Corrosion
9. Anathema
10. Bermuda