Throwing Bricks – Dutch Post-Black Metal Collective Stream Entire New Album “The Burden”

Throwing Bricks – Dutch Post-Black Metal Collective Stream Entire New Album “The Burden” 

Dutch post-black metal collective Throwing Bricks are now streaming their entire new album “The Burden”, two days ahead of the release date set for this Friday, October 28th via Tartarus Records.

“The Burden” is now playing in full at Metal Sucks, who had this to say about the album “Since the beginning, if you wanted a piece of music that was full of despair and hopelessness, you went to metal. Unafraid of the dark and down parts of life, the genre explores some of humanity’s hardest emotions and lays them bare for everybody to witness. In Throwing Bricks’ latest album The Burden, that despair and lack of hope are just some of the facets that make the record a unique listen.”

Listen to the “The Burden” here.

“The Burden isn’t about darkness and sadness itself, but about processing and coping with those feelings.” Says the band. “There’s always a lot of negative stuff going on, both on a personal and global scale. You’d better try to make the best of it, which of course is easier said than done. Music seems to help a lot of people, us for sure. Finding something positive in situations that seem hopeless and desperate at first is a theme in our music.”

The follow-up to their critically lauded debut album “What Will Be Lost” was produced by Tim de Gieter (Amenra, Doodseskader) at Much Luv Studios and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden and sees Throwing Bricks serving once again their signature blend of sludge, hardcore and black metal. This time however with a more modern sound, as heard on album opener ‘Bricks of Grace’ for example. Tracks like ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ and first single ‘False Promises’ lean towards a more screamo and post-hardcore sound. Some elements will surely surprise the listeners, such as additional spoken word performances by Utrecht artist Shira van der Wouden. On the haunting ‘Safta’ for example, her compelling delivery and honest writing is a great fit. Pre-orders are available at this location.