The Struts // Pretty Vicious // Album Review


Good time, good feel rockers The Struts are back with a glorious collection of tracks that reminds us all just how much we have missed this majestic, old-time rock ‘n’ roll band.

‘Too Good At Raising Hell’ opens up offerings and immediately you know you’re not in Kansas anymore, the party has started and you’re not coming home till the wee hours! The track is just a sublime feel-good party anthem that makes you want to get up and shake your ass all night long! ‘Pretty Vicious’ the album’s title track is a darker-themed song but that easy on the ear, solid bank of songwriting that brought The Struts to our attention is still there and you’ll warbling along with the glorious lyrics and addictive melody in no time.

That will be a continuous theme across the album, The Struts easy on the ear, easy on the mind rock ‘n’ roll is exactly what is needed at a time like this, the world in case you haven’t noticed is kind of FUBAR at the moment and if you ever need a route of escapism, this is it.

Envelope yourself in eleven glorious tracks that regardless of what the daily grind is throwing at you, will whisk you away to your happy place! Pretty Vicious is the band’s fourth studio album and since their formation in 2012 they have been on the rise, their flamboyant style and musical prowess have turned more than a few heads and the band’s live shows are one of the highlights of any UK tour. These guys represent and fly the flag for those old-school classic rock bands who paved the way for them to shine, the likes of Queen, David Bowie and Marc Bolan to name but a few but the kind of ethereal rock ‘n’ roll that has been lost in the modern day onslaught that see’s Kemper’s over Marshalls or Vox’s and autotune over real, raw talent. Not here, no bullshit allowed.

Everybody needs a band like The Struts in their life, and more to the point a Struts album in their life, like so many people we all land on different bands at different times in our lives, some may have joined The Struts gravy train from day one, so maybe hitching a ride with Pretty Vicious and that’s all gravy baby! This is the beauty of music and the magic of the journey of life as a fan of a band, you can dip in and out, you can be full-on psycho bin hoking if you want to (but don’t do that) or you can let the music flow over you like water off a ducks back and never get fully invested, each to their own. But let me tell you now, 2023 and the return of The Struts with Pretty Vicious, it is time to embrace all things classic rock once again, dig out those vintage Levi’s, stick on yer ma’s faux fur coat and hit the local gig scene because of 23/24 is going glam baby!

The Struts latest offering Pretty Vicious is a musical masterpiece, there isn’t a bad track on this album, a perfectly crafted album that reminds us why British Rock is still as relevant as ever.

Pretty Vicious is out now courtesy of Big Machine Records




Pretty Vicious Track Listing
1. ‘Too Good At Raising Hell’
2. ‘Pretty Vicious’
3. ‘I Won’t Run’
4. ‘Hands On Me’
5. ‘Do What You Want’
6. ‘Rockstar’
7. ‘Remember The Name’
8. ‘Bad Decisions’
9. ‘Better Love’
10. ‘Gimme Some Blood’
11. ‘Somebody Someday’



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