The Offspring’s Todd Morse hones 30 years of rock and punk influence on solo EP, ‘Time Stopper’

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(LOS ANGELES, CA – March 24TH, 2023The Offspring’s Todd Morse has released a new, solo EP. Time Stopper is out now, on Manic Kat Records.

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Track listing:
1. Everything Fun (Is Bad for Me)
2. Screaming Babies
3. This is Not My Armageddon
4. All the Rules
5. Making Time Stop

“Signing with Manic Kat has inspired me to become more prolific which is what I needed” says Morse of the new record.

Morse elaborates: “I try to live in the moment as much as possible these days but I do want to leave a musical legacy. Sometimes you have those moments in life where it feels like time stops and I live for that. Songs can hit you that way. I hope I create that moment for someone.”

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Todd Morse‘s stellar, three-decade career has seen the Los Angeles native play with some of punk rock’s premiere names; The Offspring, punk pioneers H20 and Juliette Lewis and The Licks all take their place on an impressive CV.

Morse’s dexterous talent sees him lauded as an accomplished songwriter, singer, guitarist and bassist; his experience and passion, as well as unerring technical ability at the forefront of both his success and durability. It was somewhat inevitable then, that a solo record would follow, with 2019’s Late Bloomer coming as a nod to the clash between that inner kid and one’s wiser self.

2022 saw Morse sign to Manic Kat Records, for the release of his first solo material in three years; hook-heavy, melodic punk anthem “Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)”, was followed by “Screaming Babies”, with both tracks taking their place on Morse’s upcoming collection.

Time Stopper is a sharp blend of punk and rock stylings, with the melodic delivery of an artist rooted in the now. Musically, the record harks back to Morse’s childhood influences – The Clash, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones, but with a punk-laced delivery the California native has developed over the last 20 years.

With a timeless songwriting ability and captivatingly anthemic tracks, Morse celebrates growing up, without losing your thirst for new experiences.

Listen to Time Stopper HERE.

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