A.N.J.A. ‘The Season Of Evil’ EP Releases 3rd November


‘The Season Of Evil’ EP

Releases 3rd November


Photo Credit: Anna Burnett

German-born and Belfast-based singer A.N.J.A. is back with her EP “The Season Of Evil”. The dynamic artist, known for her unhinged and anthemic tunes, is set to release the EP on November 3, 2023 on all major streaming platforms.

With five tracks A.N.J.A. takes listeners further and deeper into her occultish imaginarium than ever before and on another dark and hypnotic journey with an unstoppable force.

Drawing inspiration from retro punk, garage, psych, horror and stoner rock, she fearlessly faces the real-life horrors of our uncertain present. 

“The Season Of Evil” is everything her previous single releases ‘Midnight Raid’ and ‘Stimulation’ promised – a relentless runaway train charging ahead with scintillating guitars and volcanic vocal power.

The EP falls under the rock, alternative, and punk genres and appeals to fans of L7, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, The Cramps, Blondie and Misfits.


  1. The Season Of Evil 
  2. Vacuous Lipstick Blues (feat. Red Mountain) 
  3. Stimulation 
  4. Midnight Raid 
  5. Attitude Adjustment Programme 


“I wanted to create an EP that would transport my listeners deeper into a world of darkness and magic, where the lines between black and white, good and evil, are blurred and nothing is the way it seems. 

Where perspectives shift and suddenly you find yourself on the other side. What’s disguised as supernatural horror might eventually reveal itself as a very real issue.

Each track on “The Season Of Evil” is lead by a different emotion, but they are all connected by a thread of transformation in the midst of chaos.”

While title track ‘The Season Of Evil’ sets the scene and enters right into our morally depraved world, dealing with the elasticity of what’s righteous and what’s good and bad, ‘Vacuous Lipstick Blues’ deals with loneliness and a longing for human connection amidst the chaos. 

The angsty ‘Stimulation’ brings out the fear of the unknown and the abyss of the human mind we cannot escape from. ‘Midnight Raid’ empowers listeners to then embark on a journey of self-discovery and ‘Attitude Adjustment Programme’ concludes that transformation. 

The album was created through a collaboration with sound engineer Jack McGarry. A.N.J.A. and McGarry recorded and produced most of the track at home, embracing an anarchical DIY approach. 

A music video for title track “The Season Of Evil” will accompany the single.

Hailed by Hot Press Magazine as an “explosive on-stage talent”, A.N.J.A. will headline the Ulster Sports Club, Belfast on October 26. The song “Vacuous Lipstick Blues is a collaboration with Irish desert rock band Red Mountain and set for pre-release on October 20.

The ‘Season Of Evil’ is a sonic tour de force that promises to leave a lasting impact and no time to breathe. As A.N.J.A. points out in the title track: “It’s the season of upheaval!”