The New Death Cult – Announce New Single “Antidote”


Alternative rockers THE NEW DEATH CULT are back with a renewed sound and attitude showcasing their alternative rock with a punky approach in their new single “Antidote”.

“Antidote” is The New Death Cult’s highly anticipated first release since their critically acclaimed self-titled debut from 2019 and is recorded at the legendary Norwegian studio “Ocean Sound Recordings”. Though their sound is refined it’s evident that the band has been honing in on the eclectic 90’s vibe meets modern rock sound that earned their 2019 debut praise in The Guardian’s “50 New Artists for 2020”, describing it as “smoky, soulful sweetness”.
Drummer Anders Langset describes the new sing as “Antidote is heavy, catchy and in your face. The new The New Death Cult”.

Songwriter and guitarist Jon Vegard Naess states:

“The lyrics were inspired by the (Disney+) ‘Dopesick’ series, reflecting on the polarities between numbness and pain, sickness and health, and ultimately the desire to emotionally feel something as opposed to being numb to everything.”

full-length album is now on the horizon, set to release in 2023.


Dubbed a brilliant cross-over between Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and Pink Floyd, The New Death Cult drives heavy rock in a forward direction primed for the 21st century, while sonically staying true to the greatest 90’s rock acts.

Aesthetically, the band explores a unique melting point where solid ’desert rock’ collide with heavy riffs, ear-tingling melodies and choruses of cosmic grandeur. The lyrics inspire love for humanity and planet earth, drawing from the same well as Rage Against the Machine and Muse. Their self-titled debut album was recorded at Røffsound Recordings, engineered by Stamos Koliousis and co-produced by the band, using only the coolest vintage gear that the band could get their hands on. The resulting sound stands out as no-frills organic and authentic yet fresh and modern in the vast ocean of contemporary rock music.

“Great riffs, hooks, dreamy spherical melodies…and songwriting of high quality.” – 6/7, Metal Hammer, DE
“A hugely promising new name on the circuit.” – 8/10, Distorted Sound Mag, UK

Band members:
Jon Vegard Naess – Vocals / Guitar
Eirik Naess – Lead Guitar
Vegard Liverød – Bass
Anders Langset – Drums