Greywind release their new EP ‘Antidote’ via Version III

Greywind release their new EP ‘Antidote’ via Version III

Featuring recent singles & two brand new tracks:

“a huge new track” – Kerrang! (on Swing and Sway)

“Brilliant musicians, performers and storytellers” – Forever Loud

“They’re back and better than ever.” – New Noise Magazine (★★★★)

“Antidote is vulnerable with transparent emotive lyrics, and the ideal catapult into their new era.”

– Hardbeat

“there’s a blockbuster feel that swells and permeates, polished and sharp” – The Soundboard

“It’s a high-energy, guitar-heavy banger channelling the likes of early Paramore that demands to be jumped to” – Hot Press (on Antidote)

“It’s a glossy, energized pop punk anthem with a pretty huge chorus.” – Brooklyn Vegan (on Antidote)

Greywind’s poignant ‘Antidote’ EP is out today via Version III, featuring two brand new tracks, as well as recent singles ‘Antidote’, ‘Swing and Sway’ and ‘You’re My Medicine’, and marking a new era for the Irish sibling duo (Steph and Paul O’Sullivan).

They say “The ‘Antidote’ EP is about not just surviving your darkest moments, but embracing gratitude for the challenges that ultimately teach us about ourselves. It’s filled with rage, sadness, desperation, and hope. In recent times, we’ve had to navigate some significant extremes: The passing of family members at their own hand, being betrayed by people we loved, getting dropped by our label, management and agent on the same day, confronting our own mental health struggles. Then we got to watch as our music connected virally with people around the world. This EP is that whirlwind of experiences and emotions in sonic form – all the thoughts we’ve dealt with during this extended chapter of our lives. And it’s our way of turning the page, beginning a new chapter for ourselves and our fans. We hope people can find comfort in these songs knowing they have the strength to withstand their darkest moments as well.”

New track ‘Glimmer’ “is a song about feeling like everything in your life has collapsed and you’re begging for any glimmer of hope,” says Paul. “This was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever written. I just sat down, took a deep breath, and began pouring my heart out with no holding back. Everything just clicked into place immediately. I could genuinely feel a weight lifted off my shoulders as Steph and I played through it for the first time. Songwriting is my therapy, and this song is the ultimate example of that truth.”

Another new cut, ‘Here’s Your Deathwish’, is proof that a song – just like human beings – can contain multitudes. As Steph says: “It’s both vicious and beautiful at the same time. We debuted it live last month and we already know that it is going to be a fan favourite. Hearing the response from our crowds to the bridge when everything cuts out and I sing the line “It’s like I’m underwater and then the water froze” gave me chills every night. I can’t wait to see what happens when people know it’s coming!”

Elsewhere on the EP, immaculate emo offering ‘You’re My Medicine’ is a love letter to Greywind fans and ‘Swing and Sway’ deals with Paul “watching Steph be suicidal and in a dark place, and how that affected me. Wondering how I can help her, while also acknowledging the toll it was taking on me to watch her go through that.” Deeply cathartic comeback track ‘Antidote’ re-introduced Greywind to the world. The duo’s new material has garnered worldwide attention for the duo with spins on BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! TV in the UK, support on triple j in Australia and heavy rotation on Sirius XM faction punk across the pond in the US, where the band are due to be playing in the coming months.

The past six years have been somewhat of a music industry rollercoaster for Greywind but they’ve channeled everything they’ve experienced into this collection of visceral tracks, which are primed to set the internet and stages ablaze. The ‘Antidote’ EP was jointly produced by Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Silverstein, Like Pacific, Intervals) and The Wonder Years guitarist Casey Cavaliere. It was mastered by Mike Kalajian (Saosin, New Found Glory, Circa Survive).