Greywind release new single ‘You’re My Medicine’ as a love letter to their fans

Greywind release new single ‘You’re My Medicine’ as a love letter to their fans

Announce 5-track EP ‘Antidote’ will be out 15th March via Version III


Irish sister/brother duo Greywind continue their impressive return with their new single ‘You’re My Medicine’ – an immaculate emo offering. Killarney’s Steph and Paul O’Sullivan say of the track: “You’re My Medicine is the story of our lives so far. Our story as individuals, our story as a family and our story as Greywind. It is a love letter to our fans for supporting us through our darkest times. They’ve saved us many times over by believing in us, in our music, and by standing with us in the face of trauma, grief, and adversity. Art is a two way street, and they are just as much a part of the songs on this EP as we are.” This track is one of five through which the duo have been weaving intensely personal stories and will be released together as the ‘Antidote’ EP on 15th March via Version III, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Greywind’s last single ‘Swing and Sway’ will feature on the ‘Antidote’ release too. Paul says that track “is about me watching Steph be suicidal and in a dark place, and how that affected me. Wondering how I can help her, while also acknowledging the toll it was taking on me to watch her go through that.” Kerrang! called the composition “A huge new track” whilst Forever Loud heralded Steph and Paul as “Brilliant musicians, performers and storytellers.”

Of course, the EP also includes deeply cathartic comeback track ‘Antidote’.  Hot Press proclaimed it to be “a high-energy, guitar-heavy banger channeling the likes of early Paramore that demands to be jumped to” with Brooklyn Vegan concurring “It’s a glossy, energized pop punk anthem with a pretty huge chorus.”

So far, this new material has garnered worldwide attention for the duo with spins on BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! TV in the UK, support on triple j in Australia and heavy rotation on Sirius XM faction punk across the pond in the US, where the band are due to be playing in the coming months.

The formative years of their band saw Greywind struggling to navigate the juxtaposition of some remarkables highs and traumatic lows. Heroic praise of their live sets at festivals like Reading and Leeds and Download was often drowned out by the unreasonable expectations of those around them. Then, when confronted by the isolation of a global pandemic, Steph and Paul found themselves struggling mentally and emotionally to decide on the best path forward. As a result, they swore they wouldn’t put out another note of new music until they had the rights to their major-label-released debut album ‘Afterthoughts’ back. Now, after a lengthy struggle, and a 2023 viral surge that saw multiple songs off ‘Afterthoughts’ reaching millions of new fans globally, they’re more than ready to usher in a new era of their career with this new collection of tracks.

Evidently, the past six years have been somewhat of a music industry rollercoaster for Greywind but they’ve channeled everything they’ve experienced into this collection of visceral tracks, which are primed to set the internet and stages ablaze. The ‘Antidote’ EP was jointly produced by Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Silverstein, Like Pacific, Intervals) and The Wonder Years guitarist Casey Cavaliere. It was mastered by Mike Kalajian (Saosin, New Found Glory, Circa Survive).

The siblings of Greywind leaned on each other through all their turbulent times and have now emerged triumphantly on the other side of that long, dark tunnel with their best ever songs in hand. They capture the exasperation, weariness and anxiety of what they’ve been through, and detail the band’s brave defiance in the face of adversity. Ultimately, although things didn’t go to plan with their debut record, Greywind today wouldn’t change a thing. After all, we’re the sum of our experiences, and had they not gone through all of that, these new songs wouldn’t exist.