Nothing More // SiM // Siamese // Live Review // The O2 Institute // Birmingham

After a 3 month break, it was time for my first show of the year. Unsurprisingly to anyone who follows my reviews, I’m back at the o2 Institute in Birmingham for a night of riffs loud riffs and good vibes, as Nothing More hit the home of metal with support from Japanese Hardcore/punk/reggae act SiM and Danish Modern Metallers Siamese.

Up first were Siamese, whom I had the pleasure of photographing on this very stage last year. When I first saw the band, I remember just how tight and catchy the performance was and I’m very pleased to say that the only thing that was different the second time is that the band had some great new tracks and the performance was even tighter than the first. From crushing breakdowns, ridiculously infectious pop-infused choruses and an obvious love for performing, Siamese never had my attention wandering elsewhere. It’s truly a great band I hope to be seeing headline this venue the next time I have the pleasure of catching them.



Next up were SiM, who simply left me speechless, but that doesn’t make for a good review so let me try and put the performance into words. From the moment their set started, the energy on stage was relentless, with the waves of reggae-punk and metalcore crushing the audience. This was one of those rare performances that managed to feel completely natural and unrehearsed whilst also being able to see the level of professionalism and time that went into making this performance as special as it was. It would also be impossible to discuss the set without mentioning how happy it made me to hear The Rumbling and Under The Tree from Attack on Titan live. An unreal set from an incredible band.



Last up was the night’s main event, American Alt-Rock/Metal 4-piece Nothing More. I’ve personally been a fan since I heard 2017’s The Stories We Tell Ourselves, but this was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live. From the moment the band’s set started with Let ‘em Burn, the energy in the room was infectious and the performance never dropped in quality or passion, even when there was a slight technical issue with the guitar at the start of the set. With the setlist covering the band’s three studio albums, alongside their newest single If It Doesn’t Hurt, there wasn’t a single part of the set that could be complained about. My highlight though was the energy of Jonny Hawkins who was an absolute powerhouse on stage, both vocally and energetically. A great set by a band that should be headlining festivals in the coming years.


Review & Photography: Dan Stapleton

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