The Hu // Rumble of Thunder // Album Review


The Hu are a band that skyrocketed in popularity, having released their debut album The Gereg in 2019. That album debuted at number 1 on the World Album and Tope New Artists Charts and amassed over 250 million combined streams whilst being recognised by some of the biggest publications across the globe.

The band have then also sold out venues across the world as well as played some of the biggest festivals in the world as well as collaborated with artists such as Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm before they covered ‘Sad But True’ by Metallica, which led to the band from Mongolia being invited to cover ‘Through The Never’ on The Metallica Blacklist album.

So, if you haven’t heard of The Hu or if you’re not sure what to expect from Mongolian Metal, the band is comprised of Gala as lead throat singer and playing the Morin Khuur, Enkush on lead Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle) and throat singing, Jaya on Jaw Harp, Tsuur, Flute and Throat singing and Temka on Tovshuur (Mongolian guitar).

If you are still scratching your head a little, the best thing to do is press play and listen to the unique blend of traditional instruments and the deep, vibrating vocal from the throat that is matched with a sung vocal to create harmony between them. All of this time the strings of the other instruments are adding unusual but stunning sounds that we are generally not accustomed to hearing with our heavier music.

I challenge anyone to not be completely engrossed with The Hu as soon as you press play. The sounds that are generated and the style of music is captivating and whilst the lyrics may not be understandable, you will be toe tapping and rocking along with the tracks as they meander their way through the 13-track album, spanning approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes.

It is totally understandable why this band have gained so much attention and so much praise. It is quite clear with music like Rumble of Thunder that attention will intensify as The Hu are going to get pushed higher and wider than they ever imagined.

Rumble of Thunder is captivating and intriguing, the kind of intrigue you just want to feel. From start to finish it is thoroughly enjoyable and just a really good fun album that everyone should have in their collection for when a bit of culture is needed and massive smiles wanted.

Ed Ford


Rumble of Thunder will be released Friday 2nd September 2022 via Better Noise Music.



  1. This is Mongol
  2. YUT Hövende
  3. Triangle
  4. Teach Me
  5. Upright Destined Mongol
  6. Sell The World
  7. Black Thunder
  8. Mother Nature
  9. Bii Biyelgee
  10. Segee
  11. Shihi Hutu
  12. TATAR Warrior
  13. Black Thunder (Extended)