The Commoners // Find A Better Way // Album Review


I think it is fair to say that we have all been through the wringer the past few years and whilst 2022 can on the surface look better than the previous years, really it’s a shit show and a prelude to 2023. On that heartwarming note, what you do need in your life to remind you why we tolerate the lunacy around us is a feel-good album to take your mind off it all, The Commoners ‘Find A Better Way’ is that album.

The album’s opener and title track set the tone, those gnarly Plexi break-ups, and overdriven tones just cut like a knife and right there, right then you know this is going to be one bitchin’ ride! By the end of that opening track, you’re like “Gimme More” and ‘Fill My Cup’ does exactly that, sultry harmonies and wailing vocals of Chris Medhurst just grip you, pulling you in one delicious line after another. It’s been a while since my head had been immediately turned by the opening tracks of a band I had not heard before, but The Commoners aren’t just any band, the Toronto natives have been grafting over the last decade honing their sound and their craft and have constructed an album well worthy of your attention let alone your hard-earned cash.

They have an old-school vibe about them, old souls no doubt wrapped up in a contemporary package, with a flavor like their heroes in Free, Bad Company, The Black Crowes, and the like with a sound so wholesome you’ll think it came from grandma’s kitchen. The guitar work is sublime, gnarly, and captivating but Medhurst’s vocals shine track after track against the solid backline, the delicious vocal harmonies that envelope the tracks from time to time just make you want to get up and shake your ass like it’s 1999 all over again.

A killer album from start to finish, The Commoners have delivered a real beauty dripping in quality, rich in its roots/rock heritage in a visceral form they have absolutely nailed it.

The album is released on CD, limited edition vinyl and digital by Gypsy Soul Records on Friday 4th November and is available to pre-order from, and pre-save from




1 – FIND A BETTER WAY (4:36)

2 – FILL MY CUP (4:22) 


4 – TOO MUCH (3:57) 

5 – NATURLLY (4:30)

6 – I WON’T (4:15)

7 – DEADLINES (3:46)

8 – HANGIN’ ON AGAIN (7:06) 

9 – ALIVE (4:52)

The Band

Chris Medhurst – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ross Hayes Citrullo – Lead Guitar

Ben Spiller – Bass, Vocals, Piano (5, 9)
Adam Cannon – Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Miles Evans-Branagh – Organ, Rhodes, Piano | Jeff Heisholt – Organ (1)

Michael Ekhart – Pedal Steel (6, 9) | Ben Healey – Lead Guitar (7)

Chantal Williams, Shezelle Weekes, Tash Lorayne – Backing Vocals




04/11/22 Castellon-Spain @ Sala Because

05/11/22 Orihuela-Spain @ La Gramola

06/11/22 Valladollid-Spain @ Puerta Caeli

07/11/22 Leon-Spain @ Babylon

08/11/22 Ourense-Spain @ Cafe Auriense

10/11/22 A Coruna-Spain @ Sala Mardi Gras

11/11/22 Cangas-Spain @ Salason

12/11/22 Valles-Spain @ Bocanegra

13/11/22 Vitoria-Spain @ Urban Rock

15/11/22 Chambery-France @ Brin de Zinc

16/11/22 Besançon-France @ Bar De L’U

17/11/22 Metz-France TBC

18/11/22 Krefeld-Germany @ Kulturrampe

19/11/22 Ostend-Belgium TBC | @thecommonersto