Suicide Silence // Remember…You Must Die // Album Review


When it comes to the deathcore sound Suicide Silence pretty much invented the genre. With classic albums like 2007’s “The Cleansing” & their phenomenal sophomore album “No Time to Bleed” helped a new generation of metal lovers find the extreme side of death metal blended with the raw aggression of hardcore.

Now twenty-one years into the band’s career. Hitting some of the most devastating lows & even more stratospheric highs the band is releasing “Remember…You Must Die”.

The band’s seventh album & self-proclaimed return to form. Is this the return to the band’s early sound fans are hoping for? Or something much different? Let’s see, shall we.

Right from the opening SS is going dark & harder than ever before. “Remember…” an eerie, chilling John Carpenter synth soundscape  warbles as vocalist Eddie Hermida speaks “Time devours everything, Remember you must die!” Before the band explodes into the first banger “You Must Die”.

Right from the bat this is a pissed & harder SS than we’ve heard for some time. The whole band are on top-notch form, guitarists Chris Garza & Mark Heylmun’s intricate riffing writing is still here but their ability to craft ridiculous breakdowns has got even better. One of the most impressive opener tracks on a SS album to date!

“Capable of Violence (N.F.W)” is an all-out brawl. Hypnotic chugging & Hermida’s most impressive vocal delivery with the band to date makes this track a true stomper. You can already tell by the album’s production a few tracks in this is a version of SS we haven’t heard before.

All thanks to the recording / musical god that is Taylor Young. For the uninitiated Young has been involved in some of the best records to come out of the hardcore & metal scene over the past ten-plus years. Xibalba, Tribal Gaze, Momentum, Kruelty, Age of Apocalypse just to name a few. As well as being in some of the hardest bands on the face of the planet (please listen to DEADBODY).

Helping produce & record the album, Young’s expert knowledge in songwriting & sonic entwined with SS’s classic sound writing has enabled the band to record one of the rawest, most expansive & substantial albums in the band’s entire discography.

The choice of the band recording the drums live at Young’s studio The Pit with the whole band in the room was a fantastic choice. Allowing new drummer Ernie Iniguez to give a very organic, natural performance which gives the whole album that fresh, integral sound they have been needing for a while.

“Kill Forever” harnesses the band’s pure death metal influence. Giving us a Cannibal Corpse’esque blast off. Getting to hear bassist Dan Kenny’s signature tone hit even harder on this record is pure brilliance. One of the most underrated bass players in deathcore for sure!

This track is for the pure death metal fans out there.

Also featuring one of the heaviest breakdowns on the album as Hermida screams “Say it together.. Kill Eachother, Say it together.. Kill Forever” makes it just a bit harder ha!

One of the lead singles “Altar of Self” shows you what can happen with great songwriting ideas & being able to execute them efficiently. Seemly a very introspective track Hermida again shows why this album is his best ever album performance.

Anucating lyrics perfectly gives the listener even more vocal hooks & using everything from his high blackened vocal style to the guttural ungodly growls on the closing break down makes this track one of the standouts on the album & one of my favourite tracks the band has ever produced.

Heading into the last few tracks “The Third Death” still keeps the intensity high. A track that feels like it’s pulling inspiration from “The Cleansing” but keeping both feet firmly planted in 2023 this track is a deep album cut, full of groove. It’s not reinventing the SS sound but it shows the band can still fill an album with solid tracks & yet again another absurd breakdown closing out the track.

Closer & longest track on the album, “Full Void” feels like SS going all out. Still heavy & balls out but feels like they are having fun. Guitar solos a plenty, with different rhythmic ideas make this last track fresh & worth a full album listen. As the track builds to a climax the band come together at this groovy, mesmerising end as Hermida reminds the listener, “Remember.. you must die”.

“Remember…You Must Die” is the best record Suicide Silence has produced. Fact… Even personally being a fan from their demo days i can firmly state this is the final form of Suicide Silence. A raw, primitive band with the knowledge of crafting heavy, catchy deathcore for the ages. Diehards you will not be disappointed. I can promise you that!

Joseph Mitchell

Remember…You Must Die is out via Century Media on 10th March 2023

Track Listing:
1. Remember…
2. You Must Die
3. Capable of Violence (N.F.W)
4. Fucked for Life
5. Kill Forever
6. God Be Damned
7. Altar of Self
8. Endless Dark
9. The Third Death
10. Be Deceived
11. Dying Life
12. Full Void

Band Members:
Chris Garza – guitar
Mark Heylmun – guitar
Eddie Hermida – vocals
Ernie Iniguez – drums
Dan Kenny – bass

Social Media:
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