Stömb // Massive Disturbed Meta Art // Album Review


This instrumental metal band was formed in 2012 and the Parisians released their debut album The Grey in 2015. By unleashing their special blend of heaviness, Stömb began to get some international recognition before releasing the EP Duality in 2017.

This EP opened many doors including the one to the UK Tech Metal Fest in 2018 before the second full-length release in 2020 In Nihil. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a halt to plans of touring this album and now the four pieces are looking to pick up the momentum and look to push on.

On this offering, there are some special guests that have wanted in on the act, including Jørgen Munkeby (Shining NO/ Emperor), Laure Le Prunenec (exIgorrr/Rïcïnn/Corpo Mente), Léo Natale (The Dali Thundering Concept) and Quentin Godet (Ten56/Kadinja) so what does this new offering bring to the table?

Do not let the fact that this is an instrumental question whether this is for you or the quality of the music. To start, the opening track ‘The Realm of Delirium’ might have you scratching your head asking what the fuck I’m on about. This is usually a very valid question and on this occasion, you will be asking why I have said that the band are instrumental but straight away there is a haunting voice accompanying the music. That would be the voice of Laure Le Prunenec that graces the crushing chords and chaotic crashes of noise that the band create in their Prog Tech.

The power that is packed into this opening track is likely to separate your skin from the structure it covers as the mind-bending and oppressive music surrounds you and squeezes whilst the vocal provides some sort of comfort as you give in.

The use of instruments and effects is fully exploited throughout every single track on this 68-minute offering, ‘Kaleïdoscope’ slows things down and brings an electronic feel to the heavy whilst ‘Meta Art’ also explores the steadier pace. However, the saxophone on the track really takes centre stage even with the odd eruption of guitars and drums.

Massive Disturbed Meta-Art is a mixed bag of sounds and feels however, what is constant is the quality and atmosphere that the band create with their music. Often leaning into the djent/post-mental arena, Stömb is not one to be confined by subgenres and that is refreshing and extremely entertaining.

Give this a go, and have an experiment – you are likely to be very pleased you did and Stömb may be one of your new favourite bands.

Massive Disturbed Meta-Art will be released on 17th March 2023 via Klonosphere Records.

Ed Ford

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