Stillborn // Cultura de la Muerte // Album Review


The Polish underground Death Metallers return with their sixth full length offering and this is a full disclosure warning, its not for the faint of heart fans that say they like Death Metal just for some sort of status.

This Death Metal is firmly leaning toward the Blackened Extreme and the added rawness helps this sound utterly vicious.

The fast paced drums and wavering guitar that would be usually heard in a Black Metal band are joined by a shuddering vocal that certainly feels like its been dredged up from the depths of the Brutal Death Metal scene and sounds stunningly offensive.

The 8 track offering spans around 29 minutes and slashes and stabs at you from so many different angles, you don’t know which way to dive out the way and you can feel the warmth of blood splatter on your face from those victims who have been less wary of this brutal, fatal assault.

The aggression packed into the music only works if the band have the skills to pass it off and there is no doubt that Stillborn have this in abundance. I am not skilled or patient even enough to learn the skills to be in a band, but I have watched and listened to a shit ton of them. Many try and become brutal to fit and shock a scene, others are just fucking sinister and Stillborn certainly fit in the latter.

The fact that they have been leading an underground scene and are now onto a sixth release shows that they have everything in place and the European underground scene is huge. You just wonder what Stillborn need to do for them to get the wider recognition, if that is what they want.

If this is what they’re after the Cultura de la Muerte may be just that thing. There is no denying that this release should send waves through the underground that maybe get felt above the surface as well. This album is a full force and non-stop battery of the most depraved kind and it sounds so good.

If you are a fan of Death and mean proper Death Metal, Blackened or Extreme Metal then you just have to give this a go and your brain will be numb with shock and awe.

Cultura de la Muerte will be released Friday June 10th 2022 vis Godz Ov War Productions.



Track list

  1. Gniew Diabła
  2. Zwiastun Pogańskiego Odrodzenia

03.Triumfator – Pogromca

  1. Profanacja I Bluźnierstwo
  2. Odkupienie
  3. Wędrowiec
  4. Stillborn – Siewcy Pogardy
  5. Ostatni Prorok



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