Spite // Dedication to Flesh // Album Review


Deathcore that stands out is incredibly hard to find these days, the genre’s massive spike in popularity has led to an oversaturation of bands purely trying to replicate the sound of the genre titans. In comes Spite, a Californian Deathcore 5-piece who are poised to release their 4th full-length studio album, Dedication to Flesh. Boasting a blend of Deathcore, Hardcore and Neo-Nu-Metal.

It doesn’t take long for these genres to blend across their newest album, with the opening track Lord of The Upside Down managing to blend all three within the first two minutes, from the incredibly technical instrumentals, ridiculously barbaric vocal performances and chunky riffs with ridiculous groove. Caved In follows a similar style with an infectiously groovy riff that flows perfectly into a Hardcore breakdown that will get any metal fan pulling every muscle in their neck.

By the third track Proper One, I was utterly blown away by the sheer aggression found within the songwriting alongside the sheer quality of the breakdowns and by the way each track just gets heavier than the last. Take track 4 Made to Please as another example that somehow manages to take late 90’s Nu-Metal, fill it with breakdowns, blast beats and death metal staples. Track 5 Some Things You Should Know I think is the best introduction to the band from the release, due to the insanely technical and proficient musicianship that makes pure heaviness incredibly catchy.

It’s not until the 6th track though that I feel the album truly delves into its Hardcore inspiration with an instrumental that would be right at home on any modern NYHC release thanks to the constant use of double time, ridiculously well-written riffs and vocals that continuously help the track flow fluidly.

I’m going to finish this review there, as this release should be on the radar of every Deathcore fan. From the ridiculous heaviness, the incredible use of genres, fantastic musicianship and outstanding vocal performances across the entire release, Spite has managed to create a Deathcore release that sounds completely fresh while being so familiar simultaneously. A truly great release from a band I wish I had heard of years ago.

Pre-orders are available now HERE.

Dedication To Flesh Is out now via Rise Records



Review: Dan Stapleton 



‘Dedication To Flesh’ Track Listing

Lord Of The Upside Down
Proper One
Some Things You Should Know
Dedication To Flesh
The Most Ugly
The Son Of Dawn
Sounds For The Descent

California metal band, SPITE have today announced they will be touring the UK with Suicide Silence and After The Burial as part of the Never Say Die Tour.

You can see the band at the following dates:

8th November 2022 – SWX, Bristol
9th November 2022 – The Mill, Birmingham
10th November 2022 – Garage, Glasgow
11th November 2022 – Club Academy, Manchester
12th November 2022 – The Electric Ballroom, London

Tickets on sale now- HERE




Starting in 2016, SPITE have spent the last 5 years developing their sound and reputation through their live shows. After their largest, most successful tour to date in Spring 2020, they spent the better part of the following lockdown writing. Now for the first time, the band is releasing music on a new label, where they feel the record correctly represents the energy they bring to the stage. With 36 million Spotify streams, 130,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over 8.6 million YouTube views across their previous output including popular music videos for Kill Or Be KilledThe Offerinand Judgement Day SPITE have established themselves as a lethally furious force to be reckoned with.


Darius Tehrani – Vocals
Lucas Garirrigues – Guitar
Alex Tehrani – Guitar
Ben Bamford – Bass
Josh Miller – Drums