Spiritworld // Deathwestern // Album Review


Las Vegas psycho cowboys Spiritworld are back with their second full-length Deathwestern.

Since forming in 2017 Spiritworld has quickly become one of the most creative & hot-tipped bands within the heavy metal world.

Mixing death metal, hardcore, thrash & classic country sounds Spiritworld are in a world of its own!

“Pagan Rhythms” the band’s last release from 2020 got world praise as one of the best debut albums of the year. Mixing the shredding of Slayer with the metallic hardcore of Cleveland hardcore bands to create one of the most brutal yet catchy albums right now.

“Deathwestern” finds the band focus on their sound from “Pagan Rhythms” and turn all levels up a notch.

Opening with “Mojave Bloodlust” opens like a great spaghetti western invoking the storyline’s main creative force Stu Folsom’s apocalyptic, Horror Western vision of the American West.

The title track “DEATHWESTERN” is a tirade on the ears. Great thrashing guitar riffs with creative drumming make this track a sure two-stepping anthem. Ripping lead sections, riding the bell hitting this is Spiritworld to the tier. No nonsense & 100% ridiculous.

“Relic of Damnation” starts with a nice & groovy backbeat before unleashing Stu Folsom’s fantastic vocal hooks. This track is fierce & frantic. A redneck circle pitters dream.

A few tracks later “U L C E R” shows that hardcore side of the band, Still ripping & ranging but giving hits to bands like Ringworm, and In Cold Blood just to name a few. A chug fest with great tempo breaks dives bombs & balls to the wall’s large riff sections. If you’re a pitter, this one is for you.

Talking about Cleveland legends “Moonlit Torture” features hardcore royalty Dwid Hellion from Integrity. It’s still a fast one but keeps a nice mid-pace theme throughout to give the track a harder impact. Feeling like a mix of “Humanity Is The Devil” & “Mandatory Suicide” this track is a fantastic feature & one of the most stand-out on the record.

They say save the best for last, “1000 D E A T H S” is the most extreme track on the album. An inventive mix of punk & death metal this track is a true assault on the listener & such a happy surprise to hear this late in the record. It shows that Spiritworld’s songwriting has been ten-folded since its last full length & has been able to fine-tune its sound & even create something heavier, faster & more speculator than the band’s last effort.

Spiritworld are part of the new breed. Surpassing boundaries & writing extreme metal to please anyone who loves fast riffs & heavy shit!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

The album is available in the following formats:

  • Ltd. CD Edition
  • Black LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)

Available at all outlets

  • Red LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only

Available at Century Media EU Store

  • Yellow LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only

Available via SpiritWorld (band exclusive)

  • Transparent tan color LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 500 only

Available at all outlets

  • Transparent orange crush LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only

Available at Century Media US Store

The restless Stu Folsom is also pleased to announce the release of his book Godlessness, which will also be released on November 25th.

The book is a collection of short stories, inspired in equal parts by the western pulp of Louis L’Amour, the novels of Cormac McCarthy, and the twisted horror of Clive Barker, Godlessness is the fictional companion piece of SPIRITWORLD’s debut Pagan Rhythms (2021) and upcoming follow up, DEATHWESTERN (2022).

Dedicated to the memory of, and edited in part by, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, who died unexpectedly in 2020, Godlessness was initially released as a limited-edition paperback.  The book will be available to pre-order through Rare Bird Lit, who also have the collectable formats below.

DEATHWESTERN Limited Edition Cassette: https://rarebirdlit.com/deathwestern-by-spiritworld-limited-edition-cassette
SPIRITWORLD emerged in 2017 as a musical outlet for Folsom’s love of punk, outlaw country and metal. SPIRITWORLD’s earliest efforts took a decidedly outlaw roots punk bent.  Yet, it was with the full-metal direction taken on the initially self-released Pagan Rhythms, (re-released in 2021 through SPIRITWORLD’s new label home, Century Media) that won the band international acclaim. Daniel P. Carter, BBC 1 DJ and curator of The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter, as well as the likes of Exodus/Slayer guitarist Gary Holt and former Sepultura/current Soulfly leader Max Cavalera sang the album’s praises on their social media, discovering the band on word-of-mouth alone.

Find SPIRITWORLD online at www.spiritworldprophet.com.