South African Thrashers Truth Decayed Are About To Hit The Scene In A Big Way – Frontman Ryno Theron Explains All

Truth Decayed is a South African Thrash Ensemble primed and set to unleash ‘Faded Visions I’ on 8 April (the first of a two-part release set for 2022). ‘Faded Visions I’ will deliver 5 potent tracks (inclusive of their latest single ‘PTSD’), mixed & mastered by the incredible Kris Xenopoulos (from Vulvodynia, Ormsby Guitars, Technopath & Xavleg).  A huge name from South Africa here delivering pure potent production (and Kris even did additional drums on several tracks)!

1. Faded Visions
2. Absolute War
3. The World I Know
5. The Witches’ Watch


We catch up with South African Thrasher Ryno Theron, Frontman of Truth Decayed to chat about the S.A. Music scene, the perception of S.A. from the outside and the challenges facing musicians in the Metal scene in S.A. today as the guys plan world domination with their 2 Part drop for 2022 “Faded Visions” PT1 & 2.


South African Thrash Metal ensemble Truth Decayed has been hard at work on their album that will be unleashed in 2022 as a two-part release titled ‘Faded Visions I’ and ‘Faded Visions II’. The first single is called PTSD and was Mixed and Mastered by the Ormsby Guitars Ambassador Kris Xenopoulos (from bands like Vulvodynia, Technopath & Xavleg), delivering a potent production angle to this trenchant Thrash Metal belter! Truth Decayed is primed and ready for the next phase of their career, so watch out world! Truth Decayed is a Thrash Metal ensemble from Durban, South African.

Albeit a newly formed outfit (started during lockdown early 2020), the band combines the talents of seasoned musicians from varied bands craftily collected by founders and long-time friends Warren Jones and Ryno Theron. Mere weeks from formation, the band unleashed their debut single ‘Modern Day Illusion’ that earned them a top position on France The Planet’s ‘Metal Madness Week Competition’ on BurgStudio. This was closely followed by winning the Battle of the Bands with ‘The Metal Lab’ in the UK. Their debut EP ‘Modern Day Illusion’ and Music Video for ‘Opposing Direction’ soon followed suit and received critical acclaim from numerous renowned global media channels like Metal Hammer. Truth Decayed has proudly represented South Africa on the global stage on international Online Festivals like SUBGB Festival de Música (Colombia), Heresy Fest (Argentina), Caio Indica Fest (Brazil), Larva Fest (Peru), La Ley del Rock (Argentina & Italy), Music Entropia (Greece), as well as the World Of Metal Online Festival (Portugal) where they opened for icons Venom, Rotting Christ, Anvil and Iron Saviour. Truth Decayed has enjoyed frequent Radio play from foremost stations like Wacken Radio, and their track ‘Opposing Direction’ has been featured on the Greece Compilation ‘In The Sign Of Chaos Vol 3’.

Truth Decayed is primed and ready for the next phase of their career, so watch out world!

Ryno Theron (Guitar & Vocals)
Warren Jones (Guitar)
Johan Maree (Bass & Vocals)
Daniel Philogene (Drums)

Ryno Theron is endorsed by A.S. Guitars



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