When Angels Came Releases Commanding Rock Single ‘Let It Fall’

When Angels Came Releases Commanding Rock Single ‘Let It Fall’


South African / Dutch Rock Singer-Songwriter Jacques van der Merwe (performing under the name When Angels Came) is back with a commanding new Rock single ‘Let It Fall’ (produced by Dale Schnettler from Prime Circle & The DrumJ Experience). Jacques shares that ‘Let It Fall’ is a “deep reflection and calling out to someone or something to wait for you, fighting for something that you love and cherish, with the fear that it’s fading, you’re losing control, but never giving up and wondering how long it will take. Will it fade, will you let it go, or will it stay with you forever. Wondering if you would ever let it fall.”

Stream ‘Let It Fall’ is available on all platforms > https://linktr.ee/whenangelscame

When Angels Came is the auditory brainchild of Jacques van der Merwe, started during the pandemic to stay productive and sound. It quickly evolved into a creative hub for new songs, as well as an opportunity to revisit old demo tracks. The inspiration duly ignited, and Jacques was able to work on fresh ideas and vocal melodies. The band was subsequently officially formed in 2021. Soon after Jacques reached out to good friend and South African Music Veteran, Mark Beling to record the first tracks at his studio. Mark was part of the legendary Rock Band Mean Mr Mustard, and now has a bustling career as a solo artist and producer. These singles were released in 2022 and called ‘Color In Blind’ and ‘About You’. Jacques shares that “Sometimes you just don’t know how it’s going to end up. You must take a chance, make that phone call, jump, figure yourself out and just color in blind. It just might end up being your best picture!”

Jacques shortly thereafter relocated to the Netherlands and continue to work with South African artists like Dale Schnettler from Prime Circle and The DrumJ Experience who produced his latest single ‘Let It Fall’. His music style is very focused on melody, stating that “if I cannot sing to the melody of the guitars and vocals, then I struggle to enjoy a song. I focus mostly on creating hard hitting riffs with a melodic chorus which people can enjoy and talks to the heart of the song. Lyrics wise it’s all based on life experiences, or a story that I’m dying to tell the audience. Every song has a meaning. Influence wise I try to find new music every day, I find my inspiration from various bands and genres. Starting with Metallica and Breaking Benjamin back in the day, to new bands like Kensington, Architects and Spiritbox.”

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