Rock ‘N’ Load Exclusive – Jackson Colt’s ‘Shake Your Body’ Music Video Premiere

Rock ‘N’ Load Exclusive – Jackson Colt’s ‘Shake Your Body’ Music Video Premiere Blends 80s Rock Vibes with Electrifying Dance-floor Energy!

Jackson Colt, the embodiment of reimagined 80s Rock, is set to ignite the music scene once again with their latest single, ‘Shake Your Body.’ This exhilarating track seamlessly blends danceability with a rock essence, promising an unforgettable sonic journey!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of this South African Rock powerhouse as they transport you to the neon-lit streets of 1980s Hollywood with pulsating beats and infectious earworm melodies. Paying homage to the timeless allure of 80s Rock, Jackson Colt delivers catchy hooks, melodic riffs, and blistering solos reminiscent of the Golden Era of the Guitar. Prepare for a fresh, modern twist that will captivate audiences worldwide.


Vocalist and guitarist Jackson Colt’s commentary on the video:

“The video is split between two worlds: the human world and the vampire world. We used two locations to create these two worlds. The video follows the story of a lady entering a nightclub, while unbeknownst to her, a vampire seduces her and turns her. This transports her from the real world into the vampire world. The song revolves around the idea of escaping into another reality through music, and the idea of the vampire world represents this euphoric world.

Working with Keaton and Freddie from Ditchfield Productions was incredible. They are both incredibly talented filmmakers. I wanted the vampire world to be almost unrealistic in aesthetics but still feel natural at the same time. It was my first time acting, and Keaton directed the whole cast very well. The cast was amazing. Everyone worked so hard to capture their character’s identity.”


Vocalist and guitarist Jackson Colt’s commentary on the song:

“I envision ‘Shake Your Body’ unfolding in a setting reminiscent of 1980s Hollywood. A nightclub graces ‘Heartbreak Avenue,’ remaining open throughout the night, hosting vampires who revel in dancing away the hours. A lady, nursing a broken heart, steps into the nightclub. Observing the vampires dancing and singing, she later discovers she was bitten by her ex-lover before arriving, transforming her into a vampire and integrating her into the music.

These vampires symbolize the broken-hearted, nocturnal club-goers seeking to numb the pain of heartbreak. A vampire bite leads to transformation, mirroring how a broken heart turns one into a soul consumed by heartache. Dance and music play pivotal roles in the song, offering solace from heartbreak by immersing oneself in the melodies.

I aimed to craft a song that seamlessly blends danceability with a rock essence. Drawing inspiration from both 80s dance music and the robust sound of 80s rock, I wanted to fuse these musical styles. Writing and recording the vocals brought me immense joy, allowing me to explore my vocal range. The song maintains its rock identity while incorporating elements of 80s dance music. I particularly take pride in the high notes featured in the song.

The interplay between bass guitar and drums contributes to the song’s groove. The bass line establishes a danceable rhythm, complemented by drum accents that maintain the beat while incorporating stylish rock fills. The guitars contribute to the distinctive hard rock sound, featuring riffs inspired by 80s rock gallops and a blend of power chords and intricate licks. Playing the guitar solo was enjoyable, especially as the song takes a momentary break, allowing the solo to sync with the groove.

To enhance the guitar’s sonic landscape, we employed various delays and reverbs, creating a ‘futuristic/underwater’ ambiance. The resulting sound encapsulates the essence of the song, marrying dance music with the heavier tones of 80s rock!”

When I wrote Shake Your Body, I envisioned it as a film alongside the song. The lyrics of the song follow the plot of the movie. I wanted to recreate the film in my head with the music video.”


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Jackson Colt Thanks: Everyone who took part of making this video possible. The locations AJ’s and Phoenix Studios. The videographers Keaton and Freddie from Ditchfield Productions. Makeup Artist Nobuhle. The stars Malice, Leanka, Saskia, Tammy, Nobuhle, Ruby, Khaya and Blessing.

Jackson Colt (Vocals & Guitar)
Dean Gerber (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Matthew Safi (Drums)
Piet Snyman (Guitar & Backing Vocals)

Filmed By: Keaton and Freddie – Ditchfield Productions
Produced By: Jackson Colt
Directed By: Keaton Ditchfield
Filmed At: AJ’s Pub & Phoenix Studios
Creative & Promotion: Devographic Music Agency