Soulfly // The Soul Remains Insane ( The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004) // Album Review


Max Cavalera’s legendary status is unquestionable.

The first four albums released by Soulfly are now part of the groove metal, nu metal & tribal rhythm template.

To celebrate the legacy of Soulfly BMG records is releasing

“The Soul Remains Insane – The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004” is a boxset bringing together the band’s first four albums, “Soulfly”, “Primitive”, “3” & “Prophecy” for the first time on vinyl & also a bonus album.

“Soulfire” contains a bonus album of singles, b-sides, rare cuts and a couple of previously unreleased songs.

The release also includes a book telling the story of these seminal records through new interviews with Max Cavalera which contains many previously unseen photos from the era.

After leaving Sepultura Max carried on his evolution into the groove metal style he had crafted with the band’s last album “Roots” when starting the now epic titan that is Soulfly.

“Soulfly” was a perfectly crafted album for the time.

From the first track “Eye for an Eye” this is Max unfiltered, creating music on his terms the way he wants. The “soul” of Soulfly is born within this album. One of the biggest parts of Max’s legacy on this album & still to this day was birthed on the album. His love for collaboration. Featuring amazing musicians such as Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell, Fred Durst & DJ Lethal. Helping showcasing the talent within the music scene at the time which Max still does to this day!

“Primitive” was the next step for Max & the Soulfly tribe. Evolving the sound of Soulfly further into the tribal & urban sound now associated with the band’s legacy. A staple in my personal life this album was one of the first albums that opened the groovy & more heavy side of metal for me at the time.

Tracks like “Back to the Primitive”, “Pain” & “and “Jumpdafuckup” during the ’00s were some of the biggest tracks of the decade & quickly took Soulfly to the top!

The band’s third record “3” is one of their heaviest to date.

“Downstroy” & “Seek ‘n’ Strike” saw the band lean heavily into the more destructive side of their sound. “Prophecy” saw Max take the band into another dimension after spending time in Serbia, which heavily influenced the album with the inclusion of more world music influences.

The anthems of “Prophecy” & “Living Sacrifice” feature on the album & are still stables of the band set until this very day.

“The Soul Remains Insane” is a perfect collection for the die-hard Soulfly fan. A celebration of the band’s legacy & the path Max Cavalera forged his way! Tribe!!!

Joseph Mitchell