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2002 saw the beginning for Skypilot and following numerous EPs and two full-length albums, the band decided to mark their 20-year anniversary with album number 3.

The band that hails from Northern Ireland have shared stages with the likes of Corrosion of Conformity as well as playing on stages at the likes of Bloodstock Open Air, Beastfest and Mosh Against Cancer.

Clearly for any band to stand the test of time, especially when that time is so lengthy, there must be something special about what they do, not just for the fans but also for themselves as well.

2022 has already been a busy year for the band, having released the single ‘Octofuzz’ which preceded a 9 date UK and Ireland tour and then followed that up with the second single release from this album with ‘Knifed On The Beach.’

I must admit, Skypilot are new to me, so I was eager to find out what it is that they do and what I have been missing out on.

Having pressed play, the first thing that hit me was the simple yet massive sounding and fuzzy-edged riff that most would associate with a Stoner sound. The guitars continue in that sound as it provides some serious groove as the opening track ‘Waffle Dust’ sets the tone for the album.

The album then moves toward the already released ‘Octofuzz’ where the riffs get a little deeper and thicker but continue that Stoner sound with a little distortion and by the time you get to ‘Through The Window’, you wonder where the album has disappeared to.

There are vibes of many bands, for me including the likes of Silverchair, and Alice In Chains whilst also containing the off-key sound of the likes of Deftones at times.

It is important though to clarify, that by no means have Skypilot ripped off any other sound, they have a very clear sound and delivery, which I must say, I enjoy listening to.

The riffs are massive and the drums slice through the fuzzy delivery as the vocals provide some softer-edged lyrics that you soon find yourself singing along to.

It is clear why this band has been around for so long and they should be very proud of not only that but also the fact that the new music that they are putting out such great new music.

I just hope that this album helps to widen the band’s reach, as they certainly deserve that release music like this.

Ed Ford

Simple Beasts will be released Friday, August 19th 2022 via The Distortion Project and Code 7 Distribution.



Track List


Waffle Dust
Simple Beast
Jazz Klub
8 In The Face
Through The Window
Knifed On The Beach

Wednesday 27th July – Voodoo Belfast (with Nebula & The Atomic Bitchwax)
Saturday 27th August – Voodoo Belfast (Simple Beasts album launch show)
Friday 2nd September – Fibber Magees, Dublin
Saturday 17th September – Limelight 2, Belfast (with Orange Goblin & Baleful Creed)


“Stomper” Video here.
“T.B.D.T.R.” Video here.
Superdupernaut” video here.
Octofuzz” video here.



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