Seattle’s Museum Of Light Go To “Drug School”; 2nd Single Off Upcoming Debut Album ‘Horizon’

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Seattle’s Museum Of Light Go To “Drug School”

Second Single Off Upcoming Debut LP ‘Horizon’ Out June 10

Recorded with Kowloon Walled City’s Scott Evans (Thrice, Heiress, Thou, Sleep)

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Seattle, WA’s Museum of Light just dropped “Drug School” the second single off the band’s debut album ‘Horizon,’ scheduled for release on June 10th. Limited edition vinyl pre-orders for the album are currently available at and include an instant download of the single.

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On ‘Horizon’ the trio (which notably includes Rob Smith of Traindodge fame on drums) expertly balances the opposing worlds of heavy and ambient music; Equal parts big, crushing, overwhelmingly heavy riffs and dreamy, Zen-like washes of ambience and found sound.

Guitarist/vocalist Ted Alvarez explains, “Those would seem to be incompatible, but the more we played, the more we realized those two things could mesh, and could be incredibly appealing to us. For us, both are coming from places of joy, pleasure, and serenity as opposed to anger or rage. Don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of wonderful aggressive music that comes from those places. But there sure is a lot of it already. This stuff should be a release to listen to and certainly to play, and that’s ultimately a positive vibe.”

Smith adds, “We are massive fans of complexity and wonderfully dense and abstruse music, and I think there are some surprising ways in which that sneaks out. But we placed that immediacy at the forefront.”

Horizon was recorded at Sharkbite Studios and Anti-Sleep Studios in Oakland, CA with Kowloon Walled City’s Scott Evans (Thrice, Heiress, Thou, Sleep).

Museum of Light:

Ted Alvarez – guitar, vocals

Rob Smith – drums

Ezekiel Rudick – bass