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Those that have witnessed The Inspector Cluzo live will know that these two eco-friendly organic farmers from Gascony put on quite a show. Supporting bands such as Clutch, and touring over a mammoth 67 countries over their time in the business, they’re releasing their ninth studio album named ‘Horizon’ which is available on F.thebassplayer Records from the 27th January.

The album’s title track has already been released and was originally written to feature on the band’s debut album 15 years ago. But when the pandemic hit the world, it was the perfect time to complete it.

Not only are The Inspector Cluzo organic farmers by trade, but they are also one of the many totally self-financed bands that have been around for several years, yet they are still delivering the most unique and well-crafted albums for our ears to enjoy.  Even their record label is their own. Homegrown.

This mighty 12-track album is full of surprises.  It’s beautiful and it’s bold. And you almost wonder how the hell they find the time to write and record such a masterpiece on top of their full-time profession. Well, they’re passionate about what they do; as farmers fighting an out-of-date system that is devastating to our planet, The Inspector Cluzo uses their skill as musicians to express the issues they face.

From the title of each track, it’s no surprise that there’s a definitive theme emerging. Each one acts as a snippet from their working life as farmers.  Take the first track on the album Act Local, Think Global’; an upbeat and melodic tune that summarises the impact we’re creating by choosing to buy food produced and sourced from other parts of the world. We need to BUY LOCAL!  A controversial topic to cover that is consistently circumvented; but The Inspector Cluzo have produced a powerful and catchy way to get the message out to their listeners in this deep and meaningful introduction.

‘Wolf at the Door’ depicts another fight the farmers entailed when a new duck factory was built near their own farm.  Whilst the album covers a multitude of music genres, this rocky version of 12 bar-blues throws in a modern twist with extra fuzz on the guitar and soft harmonies;, which really works.

‘Running a Family Farm is more Rock than Playing Rock N Roll’ on the other hand, is a track that simply portrays what the title says. Up the tempo, add some rock n roll power chords, rim taps and a few snaps of the snare and you’ve got yourself the perfect foundation to lay some mighty vocals.  Without a doubt, this tune will get your feet tapping and your shoulders shimmying.  A complete powerhouse of a track.

There are of course more contrasting tracks on the album that create a slower more melancholy feel to them; ‘Swallows – Where are the Swallows Gonna Build Their Nest’ being a prime example and ‘The Outsider’; a monumental track that busts the 7 minute mark. 

There’s a guest feature by non-other than the ‘Godfather of Punk’ Iggy Pop in ‘Rockophobia’; a slow and swaggering rock n roll track that shows just how The Inspector Cluzo can turn their hand to anything.  Yes, there’s some sexy riffs to grind to and a few naughty words, but the vibe from the music is tremendously uplifting.

On the whole, this album just gets better and better the more you listen to it (headphones are definitely recommended).  It sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions; it makes you feel good and it makes you feel blue; it makes you want to groove and it makes you want to just sit and listen.  It tells a story and one where the truth is sometimes hard to swallow.  To reiterate; this is The Inspector Cluzo’s ninth album, so that’s some pretty hefty shit right there.

After several listens, it’s got to be said; this isn’t just an album.  It’s a true story; one that has been perfectly told. Could even be make a musical!

Huge congratulations to the Gascony duo. Keep up the fight!


The Inspector Cluzo – Horizon Is Released 27th January 2023 Via F.thebassplayer Records


Review: Emma Painter 



Horizon Track-List
1. Act Local Think Global
2. Wolfs At The Door
3. Running A Family Farm Is More Rock Than Playing Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Shenaningans
5. The Outsider
6. Swallows – Where are The Swallows Gonna Build Their Nest
7. Horizon
8. Rockophobia – feat. Iggy Pop
9. The Armchair Activist
10. 9 Billion Solutions
11. Saving The Geese
12. Swallows Back – When Will The Swallows Return



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