Roadwolf // Midnight Lightning // Album Review


The 19th of May sees Austrian heavy metal maestros Roadwolf release their second album “Midnight Lightning”, ten tracks that prove old-school rules.

You can hear the influences from Judas Priest to Motley Crue throughout the album, sounding really retro but with a fresh sound thanks to some impressive production. “On The Run” opens the album off with a kick-ass beat of thundering drums, rumbling bass and a cool riff that will get the feet stomping while Bauer’s vocals are impressive and only topped by Strasser’s phenomenal solo and overall guitar work. Coming in hot on its heels is the title track and nostalgic throwback “Midnight Lightning”; another massive wall of sound crashes over you but it is the savage bass line that slays on this track, take a bow Aigner it’s killer, Strasser once again shreds as Bauer crushes again, regardless of it being the title track this is one of the best on the album.  “Mark Of The Devil” has a heavier tone to it with Bruckmuller’s thumping drums setting the table for both Aigner and Strasser to pummel you with a savage bass and guitar combo, Bauer’s vocals are more strained leaving him sound like a cross between the great Ronni James Dio and Rob Halford which is no bad thing and Strasser will leave you on the floor with his tasty fretwork.

Although “Supernatural” starts out quieter than most of the previous tracks it really comes into its as a whopper bass line drives it and when the chorus hits it elevates the song, the rhythm is hypnotic, once again Strasser’s guitar play is amazing and the solo towards the end of the track that comes off some seriously heavy chugging riffs rips big time, a contender for track of the album. “High Under Pressure” pushes the tempo with a nice fast rocker that has a rather unusual twist with a saxophone, yes a saxophone, and man does it work, the whole mid-section of the song has some funky interplay between the guitar and the sax with each trading solos, it sounds amazing and can only have been a ball recording this. “Sons Of The Golden Horde” is very Maiden-like in both sound and topic, much like the aforementioned catalogue it is packed with galloping riffs, a rumbling bass, blistering drums and historical references out the door, Bruce Dickson and co would be suitably impressed, simply brilliant. “Don’t Deliver Us From Evil” is not quite an anthem but it’s not far off it, massive sing-along chorus’ and stunning guitar work really set this one off, the drum and bass beat is killer and Bauer’s vocals are excellent. “Running Out Of Time” hooks you instantly with a monster bass line that leads into a groovy rhythm that will get you moving; the drum, bass and guitar combos are insane, another blockbuster with a Lizzy feel to this one. “Savage Child” cranks it up with a dose of speed metal, this one really is for the headbangers, everything is dialled up to eleven, crazy riffs, a killer drum beat and fat bass line as Bauer wails his way through this like a man possessed, this live will be unreal.

The album closes with a ballad in the form of “Isolated Hearts”; a slow number that sees Bauer’s powerful vocals to the fore, with a softly strummed guitar that plays off the piano to create a fantastic track and a nice way to finish a cracking album.


Review: Conor

Roadwolf – Midnight Lightning is out May 19th courtesy of Napalm Records.



1. On The Run
2. Midnight Lightning
3. Mark of The Devil
4. Supernatural
5. High Under Pressure
6. Sons of the Golden Horde
7. Don’t Deliver Us From Evil
8. Running Out of Time
9. Savage Child
10. Isolated Hearts

Franz Bauer – vocals
Valentin Strasser – guitar
Christoph Aigner – bass
Emanoel Bruckmüller – drums

ROADWOLF online:
Napalm Records