Outright – Australian Metallic Hardcore Act Share Music Video For Rebellious New Single “Burn”

Outright – Australian Metallic Hardcore Act Share Music Video For Rebellious New Single “Burn” Via No Echo 
Australia’s unstoppable metallic hardcore act Outright today drop a music video for “Burn”, the second single to be revealed from their long-awaited second LP, “Keep You Warm”, due out on 15 July via their long-running band-owned label, Rage and Reason Records.

A fast and ferocious thrashy hardcore number, “Burn” has premiered at No Echo at this location.

“‘Burn’ is an intense expression of the burnout that can happen when we don’t set boundaries or hold compassion for ourselves,” says Outright lyricist and vocalist Jelena Goluza“When we normalise self-sacrifice we teach people that we don’t matter and that can be weaponised against us – but nothing gets done when you have nothing left.

“It’s dedicated to anyone else who feels this in their professional and personal lives, activism or everyday pressures,” she adds.  “I won’t set myself on fire, just to keep you warm”. 

Formed in 2010, Outright were always determined to live up to the true DIY spirit of the hardcore/punk scene, and even started their own label in Reason and Rage Records to release their own efforts along with releases from other kindred artists. With a discography that includes two seven-inch “Dedication” from 2012 and “Holler” from 2018, plus a full-length record “Avalanche” from 2014, the band has also kept up a busy touring schedule throughout the years touring along with names like Rise Against, Tragedy, Refused, etc…

2022 will finally see the release of their sophomore album “Keep You Warm”. Written throughout multiple lock downs and gig cancellations, the LP was recorded at Melbourne’s Holes and Corners studio in 2021 and follows the band’s oeuvre of penning songs packed with nuanced lyrics and powerful declarations while delivering new musical heights and range. Pre-orders are now available here.