Ophelia’s Eye // Hopeless World // Mini Album Review


The Swiss raising band Ophelia’s Eye is a new addition to the metal world and having formed before 2020, they have only been for putting material out for public consumption for the last 2 years. 2021 saw the band release the EP Fight For Us and now it’s time for another release, this time comprising of 6 tracks that span 25 minutes.

The band have stated that they take inspiration from bands such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and In Flames along with Lamb of God and Periphery. These are huge names and all have their own sound, so what has Ophelia’s Eye got to offer to what can be seen as a congested genre?

Opening with a searing guitar and a growl, the drums become hugely prominent before a massive riff begins to take its effect and before you know it you are embroiled in the midst of something familiar yet different.

Yes, the vocal has a typical core sound, the drums will rattle your brain but for me, the guitars take this sound to a new level. Not being afraid to really unleash the strings seems to set the band’s sound apart. The fact that the solo will get you reaching for the air guitar is not something that you get with every Metal or Metalcore band. Then there’s the mini-breakdown that chugs along delightful with growls and barking from behind the mic.

This sound and feel continue to flow, with that almost classic Metal guitar sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a Judas Priest or Iron Maiden track, yet also goes perfectly well with an aggressive vocal and blistering guitar.

I kind of feel that iv focused this review on the guitars more than anything, but that’s because this band have decided to take the music that they love and have their own unique take on Metal and Metalcore.

I could write a generic ‘core review but this isn’t your usual run of the ‘core album. Every single aspect is very impressive, just listen to ‘Hopeless World’ and you will see what I mean, but to stand out from the crowd, Ophelia’s Eye has taken things to a new level.

I have no doubt that if this band continue to make music like this, they won’t just be taking inspiration from the aforementioned bands, but also mentioned alongside them.

Hopeless World is as good a mini album as will hear and I am very excited by what this band are going to bring to the Metal world.

Ed Ford


Hopeless World will be released 15th April 2022



  1. My Honor
  2. Fuck My Trust
  3. Hopeless World
  4. Human Abyss
  5. I’m Explosive
  6. Pain and Sorrow




Ophelia’s Eye // Hopeless World // Mini Album Review