Swiss post-doom trio Kalkas streamed debut album ‘Envoûtante sève’

Swiss post-doom/stoner trio Kalkas streamed debut full-length album ‘Envoûtante sève’.

Out now on LP/Digital through Table Basse Records

A couple of days after unveilling a first glimps from the effort îth the official video of “Au milieu du feu, il est leur guide”, naturalistic Post-doom – including stoner and psych-rock elements – trio from Lausane and emerging from the amazing Swiss scene in 2019, Kalkas just gave birth to its first full-length album.

This one, called ‘Envoûtante sève’ is available right now LP & Digital through Table Basse Records and the main legal platforms but also Free Streaming / Pay-What-You-Want Download on Bandcamp.

…For the record…

Beyond its musical dimension, Kalkas develops a conceptual universe around issues related to climate change and the anger this causes among the various members of the band.

In a romantic and dualistic approach, with some points of naturalistic contemplation, this album offers a first dive into the subdued atmosphere of a dark autumnal and forest mist. To a sound saturated with existential angst, the instruments respond to the call of Kalkas, a deep entity with a vague design for our humanities.
Punctuated with narrative and poetic vocal passages, the album ‘Envoûtante Sève’ offers a first vision of this new world, under construction.
RIYL : Electric Wizard | God Is Astronaut | Monkey3 | Stoned Jesus…