Oni // The Silver Line // Album Review


Oni is back with his thrilling third instalment, “The Silver Line”, and as is the case with everything he does it smashes it, backed up by the who’s who of the metalcore scene the nine tracks on here are killer, from the heavy to the melodic it very rarely misses.

Opener “Silhouette” is a kicking track with a nice heavy bass line, thumping drums and grinding riffs, Jake’s vocals are amazing and off-set the heavy feel of the song with some great melodies, a cool solo at the backend is a nice touch. One of my favourite tracks is “Spark” featuring Sueco, a great advertisement for metalcore as it has every imaginable characteristic of the genre in it; from a pop punky opening to the heavy as-hell breakdown to cool soaring vocals and catchy as fuck chorus’ and everything in between this just hits all the right notes.

“Underneath My Skin” is a real strong song mainly due to the sheer power of Jake’s vocals but when he trades off with Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens fame, it just takes it to another level, it’s solid; built off a massive bass and drum beat with some great guitar work. “Silence In A Room Full Of Lies” has a monster bouncing bass line that underpins the whole track, a good bit faster than previous tracks with an edgier feel, a brilliant solo from Jared Dines near the end of the track is a shining light of melody in a whirlwind of power, another savage track.

“Cyanide” is a belter that tos and fros between clean and screamed vocals to the backdrop of a pummeling beat, the chorus takes it to the melodic calmer side but when it drops back to the verse chaos ensues, killer. “The Dread” does not let up from the off, whether it’s the pounding bass or gritty riffs combined with the savage vocals of both Jake and Justin Hill of Sikth, this is just full-on in your face, a beast of a song. “Aura” is a banger that sees both Howard Jones and Josh Gilbert lending their considerable talents to the track, Jake and Jones play well off one another trading clean and screamed vocals over a massive wall of sound that comes at you from all angles, Gilbert’s vocals are at the backend of the track, not to diminish his offering, and they are pretty sharp adding another edge to a blistering track. “Armageddon” much like “The Dread” is unrelenting, a constant barrage of drums and heavy bass with some killer riffs, Michael Lessard, from The Contortionist, and Jake pair up brilliantly on the vocals switching it seamlessly between screamed and clean particularly around the chorus’ and just before it drops back to the verses, a monster track. Closing the album is “Burn My Soul” another excellent example of how to do metalcore with a progressive touch, a mixture of metal and synth-based beats that will get you bouncing around as Jake lays it all out on the vocals.

Review: Conor


New Studio Album, ‘The Silver Line’

Arrives October 13th

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2.Spark feat. Sueco

3.Underneath My Skin feat. Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)

4.Silence In A Room Of Lies feat. Jared Dines


6.The Dread feat. Justin Hill (Sikth)

7.Aura feat. Howard Jones (Light The Torch) & Josh Gilbert (Spiritbox)

8.Armageddon feat. Michael Lessard (The Contortionist)

9.Burns My Soul

Oni are:

Jake Oni Vocals

Brandon White Guitars

Martin Andres Guitars

Johnny DeAngelis Xylosynth

Chase Bryant Bass

Joe Greulic h Drums