Metalcore Prodigy STORM Unveils Electrifying Single “House of Cards” June 13th

Metalcore Prodigy STORM Unveils Electrifying Single “House of Cards”

Rising metalcore act STORM is set to unleash his latest musical offering, “House of Cards,” a powerful and genre-defying track that showcases the 14-year-old Norwegian artist’s exceptional talent and unique musical vision. With influences ranging from modern nu metal, pop, hip hop to metalcore, STORM has crafted a captivating sound characterized by brutal riffs, roaring vocals, and an infusion of rap, screaming vocals and electronic elements.
“House of Cards” is a gripping track that explores the pressure that can often leave one feeling trapped and vulnerable. The song’s infectious melodies, heavy instrumentation, and STORM’s mind-blowing vocals create an immersive experience that resonates deeply with listeners.
STORM states:
“This song is about feeling that everything is fragile. Every action you take can potentially have a devastating outcome. The pressure makes you feel trapped.”
To bring “House of Cards” to life, STORM collaborated with talented producer and songwriter Erlend Torheim, and the result is a captivating fusion of their creative energies. The single showcases STORM’s ability to infuse catchy hooks and hard-hitting elements seamlessly.
“I met Erlend for the first time in my studio. Turned out we liked the same bands, and when he showed me some of his own material, I liked him even more! With House of cards, I couldn’t get the song out of my mind, and we decided to continue working on it together. This is the first time I’ve worked on someone else’s material, and I really enjoyed working with Erlend.” – STORM says about the collaboration.
STORM’s remarkable talent has already taken him to renowned stages, including a performance at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany, and he is set to rock the stage at Norway’s biggest festival, Tons of Rock, in 2023. STORM’s electrifying live performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide.
STORM’s overarching vision is to defy genre limitations and create a new wave of music that resonates with a generation rather than fans of a spesific genrè. His music embodies the spirit of innovation and artistic exploration, pushing boundaries and captivating listeners from all walks of life.
With Tons of Rock 2023 on the horizon, STORM is also working on his debut album, poised to unleash a sonic journey that will solidify his position as a groundbreaking force in the music industry.
About STORM:
Underneath the stage name STORM is Leo Davadi Sundli, a prodigious 14-year-old artist that has already achieved remarkable success. Beginning his musical journey in 2019 with the band Snøstorm, Leo swiftly gained recognition from prominent Norwegian media outlets such as VG, NRK, Musikknyheter, and Adresseavisa. Their energetic performance at the Rotvoll Festival in 2019 garnered high praise from Musikknyheter (NO), who described their music as ” as catchy as it is heavy,” resonating with metalcore enthusiasts.
In 2020, Leo embarked on a new artistic endeavor, forming the band project STORM. Shortly thereafter, his exceptional talent caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to a record deal with the prestigious Indie Recordings in 2021 and securing a booking deal with the renowned All Things Live. STORM’s meteoric rise in the music scene demonstrates Leo’s unwavering dedication and remarkable ability to create compelling music that transcends boundaries.
In 2022, STORM made an entrance onto the music scene with the release of his debut EP, “Invincible.” At the young age of 13, STORM showcased remarkable talent and musical maturity, delivering a collection of captivating tracks that transcended genres. This debut release served as a testament to STORM’s immense potential and set the stage for a promising career ahead.
“Now the Norwegian metalscene has its own prodigy in the 13-year-old STORM.” – Gaffa (NO)
“Invincible is a fantastic debut.  STORM clearly knows what direction he wants to go in. The sound is clear, and the songs are extremely well-produced.” – Distored Sound Magazine (UK)
“Indie Recordings have truly found a diamond in the rough with this act, and I look forward to seeing where his career takes him.” – Metal Epedemic (US)
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