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We regularly hear comments about when the new bands are going to start coming through and the latest talent to start their journey to the top is the Northern Irish five-piece known as From Ruins.

Having been reborn, and reformed they are now energised and recharged and in 2023 the band are setting their sights high whilst also being aware of needing to put in solid foundations to build upon. Those foundations begin with this 3 track EP. Having released the debut single ‘Running Away’ and the follow-up ‘Hate Me’ the band have now put them together with ‘Damnation’ to create this EP that spans around 11 minutes.

The EP kicks off with ‘Hate Me’ You get a cleanish vocal to open however a very Metal voice joins the party as the guitars. The drums are precise and punchy – the guitar is solid and the feel is that of Metal without it being too much of a slap. It paves the way for things to come and is a nice appetiser.

‘Damnation’ and when you press play you get hit square in the temple with a solid slab of metal. Combining a Tech Metal vibe with a Modern Metal feel, the guitars feel structured but exploratory as the drums spray some delightful double kick drum work over your eardrums and the vocals have a heavy and smooth battle at times.

As the EP whirls its way to the final track, ‘Running Away’ you are met with a combination of everything that has come before it and culminates in an excellent track that in effect whets the appetite for future releases. The heaviness that is met with occasional soft tones mixes nicely and you can see why this was released as the debut single.

For a very new band, this is a promising EP which also gives From Ruins a lot of scope in relation to where they go next. Inner Demons shows a heavy side but also a softer aspect and musically there are a number of influences heard and we anticipate that these influences and help form the band’s sound as they explore their sound more.

This is a solid 3 track EP that in many ways does what should, it shows what it can do, which is very good but also you feel that the evolution of the band could lead to some interesting and exciting places.


Review: Ed Ford




Following up the July unveiling of their debut single ‘Running Away’, From Ruins are pleased to announce their ferocious new EP ‘Inner Demons’. The EP is set for release on 13th October 2023.

The new EP showcases From Ruins’ ability to bring together the best parts of Noughties metalcore and fuse it with the more experimental and progressive elements heard within the genre today. This can be heard in all of its glory on the first offering from the EP ‘Hate Me’ – HERE

“This EP has been the culmination of everything we have gone through as a group throughout the last year,” comments vocalist Niall O’Kane. “We’ve put our hearts and souls into these songs, and believe it shows our heaviest, most melodic, and progressive work to date. We’re delighted with how it turned out and can’t wait for people to hear it.”

About the latest single, ‘Hate Me’ the band adds:

“Some may find Hate Me to be a bit of a divergence in style from our first single, Running Away, as we’ve tried to show a different side to our arsenal. But don’t worry, because it hits just as hard!”


‘Inner Demons’ EP Track Listing

  1. Hate Me
    2. Damnation
    3. Running Away

Photo Credit: Mark McGrogan

From Ruins

Niall O’Kane – Vocals / Aaron Kirby – Guitar / Neil Anderson – Guitar /

Damon Doherty – Bass / David Patton – Drums

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